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S8 E5
Step Out of the Shadows: Confronting Social Anxiety

Welcome to Wellness Curated. In this episode, host Anshu Bahanda speaks with Jonathan Alderson, who has a background in psychology, serves as Chair of the Seneca College Behavioural Sciences Advisory Committee, and specialises in helping children with autism. Over the years, he’s worked with over 3,000 families across the world.

In “Step Out of the Shadows,” Jonathan talks about living with social anxiety. Aside from what it is, why it affects some more than others and the different ways in which it can manifest. Importantly, Jonathan also offers coping strategies and methodologies that are used to help someone manage, even reduce, the degree to which they’re affected by social anxiety. For example, he talks about “exposure therapy” and the need to recognise the impact of the spotlight effect, which may make us feel people are scrutinising our every move, when in fact most people are focused on their own lives, not ours. Alderson also has tips that will help you spot social anxiety in kids.

If you’re a parent, you definitely want to tune in to this one and learn about the simple activities Alderson recommends to help kids cope with social anxiety and live fuller lives. 
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