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S8 E6
Breaking Biases: How to conquer prejudices

In a world brimming with possibilities, why should hate be anyone’s message? This finale episode isn’t just a conversation; it’s a rallying cry for everyone to play a role in ensuring that no one is denied happiness, fulfilment, or acceptance because of their community, gender, skin colour, body type, or sexual preference. 

In the season finale of Wellness Curated, I introduce you to two remarkable activists, Shweta Aggarwal and Rudrani Chhetri, each fighting in their own unique way against deep-seated biases and discrimination. Shweta, a vocal advocate against colourism, shares her personal experiences, shedding light on how societal obsessions with skin colour start from a young age and subtly embed themselves into our psyche. Her candid recounting includes moments of self-consciousness, even at a Black Lives Matter event, illustrating the pervasive nature of these biases.

Rudrani Chhetri, a proud transgender activist, has, incredibly, transformed her pain into purpose. As the founder of BOLD, India’s first LGBT modelling agency, and the managing director of Mitr Trust, Rudrani works tirelessly to create a more inclusive and fair environment for LGBTQIA+ individuals. 

This episode explores how biases, whether based on skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, community, body types, or anything else, can be challenged and changed through everyday actions. From mindful language use to supporting inclusive brands and fostering diversity in the workplace, every small step counts. 

Join us as we explore why hate should never be a life’s message, and how each of us can contribute to a world where everyone can live happily and fulfillingly, free from prejudice and discrimination. Listen now to “Breaking Biases” on Wellness Curated, and join the movement towards a more accepting and inclusive society.

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