Sleep issues and the science behind it

In this episode of the ‘Best of Wellness Curated’ series, I present you with what renowned medical and sleep experts have to say on why sleep can be elusive for some of us. They discuss phenomena such as sleep paralysis—a bewildering state that blurs the lines between sleep and wakefulness, and which is often accompanied by vivid and unsettling experiences. Our specialists equip you with effective strategies to tackle anxiety and stress, major culprits of sleepless nights, alongside valuable sleep hygiene practices to enhance the quality of your rest. Featured voices include  Sheetal Radia, an ENT specialist at Wockhardt Hospitals; Mangesh Ghulghule, a neuropsychiatrist; Kate Mikhail, author of ‘Teach Yourself to Sleep’; and Shomit Mitter, a renowned therapist. They collectively address a spectrum of topics, from the pivotal role of melatonin and cortisol levels to the importance of circadian rhythms in fostering a healthy sleep cycle. This episode is an essential listen for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of sleep science and its profound influence on our well-being. Join me, Anshu Bahanda, as I speak to these experts to unlock the secrets to achieving restorative sleep and transforming your quality of life.

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