The science of menopause: Beyond myths

Link to the Episode Anshu Bahanda: So I went through menopause from hell. I put on a lot of weight, about five kilos. I had night sweats. I wasn’t able to sleep at night. Previously, I used to sleep like a baby. Suddenly it all went away. I got insomnia, I had joint pains. You name […]

The science of menopause: Beyond myths

On this episode of Wellness Curated, Anshu Bahanda strips away myths and brings scientific insights to the forefront of this significant life stage. This episode is dedicated to understanding the hormonal and physiological changes that mark the transition into menopause. It provides a factual, science-based exploration into a topic that affects half the population at […]

Redefining the Pause in Every Woman’s Life

On my podcast, we discuss global movements that are underway that are not only redefining menopause but also challenging societal norms about ageing and womanhood. Menopause has been in the shadows for far too long, like it’s some kind of secret society women are reluctantly initiated into. However, the times are changing. We’re witnessing a […]