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Taoism and the art of balance

In this episode, Anshu Bahanda delves into the ancient philosophy of Taoism with Professor James Miller from Duke Kunshan University in China. Taoism is a philosophical and spiritual tradition that originated in ancient China all the way back in 500 BCE. Miller explains the core concepts of this ancient Chinese philosophy, focusing on Wu Wei (effortless action), which advocates for aligning with the natural flow of life rather than forcing one’s will upon it. The discussion highlights how Taoism emphasises the importance of balance in all aspects of life, drawing parallels with other ancient philosophies such as Hinduism and Stoicism. He elaborates on the Taoist approach to conflict resolution, which involves deflecting aggression and seeking harmony rather than engaging in direct confrontation. He gives insights into how Taoism addresses ecological balance, underscoring the interconnectedness of human well-being and environmental health. This episode provides a comprehensive look at how Taoist principles can offer valuable guidance for living a balanced, harmonious life in this century.

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