The bonds that bind: The science of deep connections

In this powerful flashback episode of “Wellness Curated”, host Anshu Bahanda brings together a panel of relationship experts to share their top tips for building stronger bonds. This episode features psychologist Nishigandha Date, holistic psychotherapist Bushra Khan, and transformational psychotherapist Dr Maria Kempinska. They discuss how brain chemicals like serotonin affect our relationships and how understanding this can improve our connections. The experts also explain the power of mirror neurons in empathy and social interactions. Plus, Anshu offers simple exercises to help you apply these insights immediately, and Dr. Kempinska explains why walking away in heated moments can sometimes be the best choice. The conversation also touches on the impact of past traumas on current relationships, and it includes practical advice on how to recognise and overcome these challenges. This episode is packed with straightforward easy-to-follow tips to help you enhance your personal connections. 

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