The Chemistry of Love

Did you know that pheromones, chemicals released in our sweat, play a hidden but crucial role in attraction. They aren’t visible to the eye but they influence our compatibility with others, acting like molecular matchmakers. This episode not only discusses how physical intimacy is enhanced by emotional connection but also explores the therapeutic techniques that can help couples find a deeper joy in their sexual relationships.

This episode of “Wellness Curated” with Anshu Bahanda focuses on the stimulating world of sex and intimacy, highlighting the best insights from previous discussions. Featuring the acclaimed mythologist and storyteller Seema Anand, known for her expertise in the narrative traditions of erotica and her deep understanding of the Kama Sutra, alongside the distinguished psychosexual and relational therapist, Anvita Madan Bahel, this episode offers an explorative look into the dynamics of human attraction and the profound role of sex in forging emotional bonds.

Seema Anand illuminates the ancient wisdom surrounding sexual wellness and intimacy, bringing a historical perspective to modern relationships, while Anvita Madan Bahel provides practical advice on how couples can enhance their sexual relationship through therapy, addressing common challenges and misconceptions. Together, they unpack the complexities of desire, the psychological aspects of sexual connection, and how therapists can facilitate a deeper relational bond between partners.

Whether you’re looking to rekindle the spark in your relationship or deepen your understanding of sexual wellness, this episode is your guide to a more fulfilling intimate life.

The Chemistry of Love