Vaastu Shastra

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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness so that you can then go and empower others.

Prabhat Ji, how are you?

Prabhat Poddar: Fine, thank you. How are you?

AB: Thank you for being here and welcome to the chat today. I was just telling people, giving them a brief background about how for 20 years, I had all these questions and I’ve met lots of Vaastu practitioners, and I wasn’t able to have them answered fully. It was only when I met you that I really felt like, okay, there is somebody (without) who I will never buy a house in my life again or an office or anything, without speaking to them in person. I know I trouble you a lot with all kinds of stuff.

PP: Most welcome.

AB: And to give you a little bit, a very quick introduction to Dr Prabhat Poddar. He was the coordinator for 14 years, of the planning group of the Auroville International Township project. He’s the co-coordinator for the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Scientific Research, which was for ten years. And he’s the chief architect in planning for the Ekam or the oneness project. And that’s something that I’ve visited. It’s absolutely incredible. And every time I meet Prabhat Ji, I go away, having learned so much. And I don’t understand how his knowledge of this subject is just immense. But I guess he’s been practising for 40 years, and it’s all very scientific. And the other thing that I have to say before I hand it over to Prabhat ji is that his energy levels are incredible. He has this really punishing schedule when he’s travelling or when he’s teaching, and he’s still always got so much energy. I just don’t (understand). That’s the other thing that I keep asking him for clues and how he does that. Anyway, without further ado, I’m going to let Prabhat ji explain Vaastu to you.

PP: Well, Vaastu is a very difficult subject to explain in a few words, but maybe I can quote a line from the ancient text, which is the essence of Vaastu, and where they say in one line, that there are three things that need to be harmonized. The body space, Ghata Akash, Ghata is the Earthen pot, which symbolizes the body, the body space, the Griha Akash, the building space, and the Maha Akash, which is the universal space. So these are three factors that need to be in harmony for the welfare and well-being of any person in their life.

AB: Okay

PP: So that’s what we need to understand, and it takes our whole life to understand these three principles of body space. What is body space, what is building space, what is universal space, and how we are interrelated?

AB: And, Prabhat ji, I know, like you’re saying, it’s a huge, huge subject, but can you tell us briefly, how Vaastu work energetically?

PP: Fundamentally, the reason why they have put these three factors together is that the whole secret of ancient Indian traditions and knowledge system, which was known as the 64 arts, and of which the architect had to master all 64 in order to practice. So this understanding of the 64 arts was fundamentally based on the understanding of the human body system. How the complex energy systems of our body, whether it’s the Nadi system, whether it’s the Chakras, whether it’s the pancha koshas or the Pancha Buddhas, how all these various aspects of our subtle bodies can be in absolute harmony. And whether you do it through music, dance, literature, poetry, sculpture, through painting, everything was towards realizing this harmony in the body system. And the ancients found that architecture and building were one of the amazing ways of maintaining complete harmony of this complex body system. And therefore the principles of Vaastu have been laid out, but they haven’t been explained, because explanations require a deeper understanding of how the energy systems of the body work. So they’ve given some fundamental clues, like fire in the southeast, water in the southwest, the air in the northwest, and the sacred space in the northeast. Now, that is the Akash and the central space is the Earth’s space. Now, these five elements, why have they been put in that particular order have never been explained. And why a particular orientation is connected to a particular element. That is because each part of these elements relates to one aspect of our body. So the fire and the southeast relate to our legs. So what happens if the fire is not in its right place and we are not orienting ourselves in the right way towards facing east? Then there will be problems with the legs, some kind of problems, pains, some kind of issues. Similarly, if we have washrooms and toilets which come in the southwest corner of a house, then similarly, these drain out the energy of the space. And in ancient times, these were always an outhouse, it was never part of the main building.

AB: Yes.

PP: Our lifestyles have changed. We have integrated them into our house. And that has brought, by itself, a lot of health concerns and health issues. So if it is coming in the southwest corner, the washrooms, then you have a problem in your digestive system, in your trunk zone. So your trunk zone, your vital energy, your life energy, and your emotional energy are all connected to the southwest. The northwest is the air element, and the air element is kind of an unstable element. Therefore, the northwest is a place where you would have your garage or you would have your guest room, so they don’t stay very long. And you can also have your study, et cetera. So your northwest is related to your head zone.

AB: Okay.

PP: And your northeast is the total body— the psychic energy, the spiritual energy of your house. So that’s where you have your puja room. You’re facing east while doing your prayers and meditations. So there is a deeper intrinsic understanding of the body system which relates to the way the building is laid out, the functions are laid out, and how they will help in turn maintain the harmony of the body. And this harmony is very much important, in terms of, directly the physical energies because of the legs, the emotional energies because of the trunk, the mental energy because of the head, and the spiritual energies because of the total body.

AB: Right.

PP: So this is a holistic solution to our lifestyle even today. And if we are able to  involve Vaastu, then definitely, we will have wellness, we will have a holistic harmony of our life and body.

AB: But Prabhat ji, so this sort of really nicely leads me to my next question, which was like in the west or even in India today, people are buying houses or flats where things are already existing, where you can’t change them. So does Vaastu have a solution to that or do you have a solution to that?

PP: Well, Vaastu doesn’t have a solution in terms of black and white, because the architect was supposed to know and do the right thing. But now as time has evolved, things have changed, lifestyles have changed and we have lost this concept and knowledge of Vaastu, as an architect, if I’m bold enough to say, I would say that we are 90% responsible for all the problems that people face in their lives.

AB: I hope there are no other architects online.

PP: This is all because of our ignorance of the subject. But nobody is to be really blamed. We cannot blame anyone for this. Aeons have passed, and centuries have passed and we have lost this knowledge. Now we are getting back into it, and we are realizing that what mine of information the Ancients had, and once we are able to harness them and use that knowledge and energy, even in existing homes which have been built and all, we can modify the energy of the space and make it like Vaastu compliant, if I may say so. We could practically arrive at the total Vaastu compliant (house), energetically.

AB: Okay. And you feel that that would give people the same benefit as if the house was made according to Vaastu’s compliance from the beginning?

PP: Correct. So, therefore, what we need to understand is say, for example, why if a kitchen is not in the southeast, why should it affect my legs? So what is it that is happening that is causing that problem? So there is some kind of radiation that is
being emitted, and if we are able to understand the nature of the radiation, and through instrumentation, we are able to understand exactly how that radiation is affecting us, then we can have ways and means to neutralize that radiation, cancel out that radiation. So you don’t have to change the place, you don’t have to shift it, you don’t have to break things.

AB: Prabhat ji, I wanted to ask you, so how have you seen that Vaastu’s helped with health and wellness? I know I’ve called you lots of times with friends who are not well and asked you questions without seeing them, without seeing their houses. You’ve given me answers to where something should be. So will you tell us a little bit about that?

PP: Yes. So there are certain issues which happen that we need to look at. For example, your electrical mains is your source of fire in the house. So that also has to be rightly located.

AB: Okay.

PP: Now, for example, if your electrical mains come in the northeast, which is your sacred space, and there if you have the fire element or (like) the kitchen, then the first thing we check is if anybody in the house has cancer. It’s one of the vital factors that totally affects the immune system of the body and weakens it. So this leads to a proliferation of the cellular structure of the body, without control, and that’s what cancer is. So this is one of the factors why the northeast is the most important space to be safeguarded, from the point of view of radiation, from the point of view of drains, washrooms and fire elements. So when they are active or when they are located in these areas, they can create asthma, they can create heart problems, they can create Alzheimer’s, cancer, and Parkinson’s. All severe diseases come from the impact the northeast has on our nervous system and our energy.

AB: So, Prabhat Ji, when someone’s buying a house, right, what would you say are the four or five primary things you’d warn them about? If someone wants to just go and self-do this rather than work with an expert like you, what would you warn them about?

PP: Well, if it has to be started from scratch, one can advise them like, okay, you have your kitchen in the southeast, you have your bedroom in the southwest, you have your garage or guest room or study in the northwest, and your meditation space, or your children’s room in the northeast, et cetera.

AB: But, if they are buying an existing house, then (what would you warn them

PP: But then in an existing house, the only way to do it is to understand what is not right with the principle of Vaastu. And then take corrective measures that we (can) do, for example, using various marble pieces, et cetera, which we have developed over the years, and then we place them accordingly. Like acupuncture points, we do that with the spaces and we rectify and harmonize the energy of the space without breaking anything. But for that, you require a deeper understanding, working, and knowledge of energy principles and what is all involved and how to check it on the body, that when we are correcting (the energy) in the building, it should reflect on the corrections in the body.

AB: So, Prabhat ji, before I met you, what people used to say is that look for the entrance of the house. A lot of people today look for a north or an east or a northeast entrance, and they think that’s okay. Everything else is secondary. What would you

PP: Well, Vaastu principles don’t differentiate between east, west, north, and south entrances. All entrances are good, but they do have a specific impact on the people living in that space. For example, an east entrance— again, it has to be in the right position. It’s not just any east entrance. There are certain rules and regulations, (like) it has to be in the first four divisions from the northeast corner, and then according to the size of the door, et cetera, that is, again, to be calculated according to Vaastu, cannot have any size. It should be a two-shutter, symmetrical so that the direction in which the shutter opens is the direction in which energy flows. So your main door controls the whole energy of your space, and the location of it, whether it’s the east, north, west, or south, has an impact on the life of the person and how he’s going to live his life. So an east entrance gives you a thirst for knowledge. It can be researching, it can be printing, it can be anything, but something to do with knowledge. A north entrance will always deal with finances, with money, with business. The west entrance is something which will always be for people who are (into) martial arts, interested in martial arts or don’t care so much about the physical limitations of their bodies. They would like to be warriors, they would like to be adventurous, (like into) adventure sports and things like that. So it can be an army, navy, air force, or police (officer). It can be anything. So that is the warrior class, as they say. And the south has been sort of very badly misinterpreted, unfortunately, because, in the ancient text of India, the south is Yama or the Lord of death.

AB: Right.

PP: Now, that has caused great fear in people’s mind, that we should never have a south entry. But Yama is also the upholder of the Dharma, and this year it was called
Dharma Raj.

AB: Right.

PP: So Dharma is a very important word and this gives you a balance of spiritual and material. So if I am given a choice, I would prefer a south entrance.

AB: Wow.

PP: Because, it gives me that balance, which has been very badly disintegrated in Indian traditions.

AB: Oh, wow. Okay. And anything else that you want to warn people about? I know you said that the northeast is a very important element and the corrections there are. Anything else in terms of health, wellness, anxiety, abundance, anything that people are worried about these days?

PP: Well, nowadays it’s more of a chance to have the right house, and there are certain things also which happen because of chance, which is when you have the magnetic grids, they’re all in the right positions. The house is laid out properly as per the grids, the grids are not cutting your beds, et cetera. There are a lot of things which give you a kind of chance-like situation where you are healthy in your home. So it is really a great gift to be having a healthy home. But 90% of the time it’s not the case. And we have to then see to it that (everything is proper). A very simple thing, for example, you have a staircase, and nowadays there are a lot of trends where you have only the treads without the riser, that you see through.

AB: Right

PP: So it can be in various materials, but it gives a lightness in the structure, architecturally. But energetically, it’s a disaster, because the role of the staircase is to channel energy from floor to floor, and when you don’t have the riser part, the vertical element in the step, the energy is going out, and it doesn’t climb up. So the upper level doesn’t get the energy it should (get), because that’s the only way for energy to travel up, to be conducted up. So for the northern hemisphere, the flow of energy should be clockwise and in the southern hemisphere, it should be anticlockwise, as you see when you go to the equator.

AB: I see.

PP: So these are some of the factors that we need to look into whether the staircase is clockwise, whether the kitchen is in the right position and whether you are facing east so that you don’t have leg issues. Your bed is in the southwest, but your head should be sleeping to the east or to the south, and you should not be cut by a door or a mirror. So these are things which will help your health and sleep and the quality of your health and sleep.

AB: Okay.

PP: The northwest, again, is a second option (where the kitchen can be placed) because fire and air can go together, so they complement each other. So that can be a second option for the kitchen. There, again, the cooking should be facing east. Everything else is there, and if everything else is correct, then you won’t get headaches, you don’t get migraines, and you don’t get various other issues. And similarly, the north is very important to protect, because the north is your finance. And that should have no electricity mains, no kitchen, no drains, and no washrooms to drain out or burn your money. That’s an absolute no. Along with the northeast north is your sacred space. So these are some of the fundamentals of Vaastu which are there. And if these fundamentals are right, a person has an amazing sense of peace and well-being when he comes back into his space, every time he comes back into his house. When we have corrected places for people, often the first remark that people make when they enter the house is— It’s amazing how energies have changed. I feel now a sense of peace.

AB: No, I agree with you 100% that I can vouch, for myself and for a lot of other people. Yes. So, Prabhat ji, I have two more questions for you. I’ll be very quick because I know people will have questions.

PP: Sure.

AB: One, can you give me examples (of) where you help people in serious situations? I know you’ve worked with some patients as well as, and things like that.

PP: Yes. Well, for example, we did quite a bit of work with a doctor friend in Munich, outside Munich, who treats patients who are in the last stages of cancer, and he treats them through a complex treatment of Ayurveda and homoeopathy and wild plant therapy, and with amazing success. The people really come out of it 100%. Now, the tragedy which was happening was that when the persons left the clinic after a month, a month and a half of staying, when they went back to their homes, there was a sudden, drastic fall, and (of) the people, some survived, but most of them didn’t.

AB: Right.

PP: So this was something that was troubling them for a very long time as to why this was happening. And then his wife did a course that I was conducting on Vaastu and how we do the rectifications, how do we analyze, how do we intervene? And then she suggested that we could look at their patient’s homes, and we started doing that. And now she does that regularly for patients who come to them. She does the corrections of their homes. They’re having 100% success because the house was where the problem started.

AB: Right.

PP: So when they go back to their house, the problem has not been resolved in the
house. So the cause of cancer is re-emerging very strongly.

AB: That is an amazing story.

PP: The first thing, as I said, we look at the northeast and we rectify whether it’s the kitchen, whether it’s the electrical mains, whether it’s the heating system of the house, whether it’s the washrooms. So all these can be energetically corrected. And when all these corrections are carried out in a house, naturally there are many other things which I’ve not gone into a lot of detail. But once all the corrections in a house are carried out, it changes the life of a person. And they’ve had 100% results. And they’ve been so happy that people have been so happy.

AB: Okay, Prabhat ji. I’m going to ask you one last question, and then I’ll give people time to send in their questions also. And that is, I know you can’t be everywhere at the same time. So can people consult with you (even) if they haven’t met you before, if you haven’t seen their houses, can they consult with you online?

PP: We can do a lot of consultations online. The only question is the question of correction, and how to carry out the correction. And that is something which a person has to be trained to do it. So that is one of the reasons why I’m conducting courses so that people in different countries can learn it, can practice it, can master it, and help so many more people. So the idea is that this should be something which should be there in every country. People should be available. People should be able to help their friends and others because this is a problem which has been faced by many doctors also. Like, one couple from Switzerland who was doing the course, came to do the course, because they were finding that patients who came to them, did their initial alternative therapy, had results. (But) ten days later, when the person comes back for the next session, they have to start from zero. And they were not able to understand what was happening.

AB: Yeah. I mean, I’ll tell you a story that once I remember calling Prabhat ji with someone who had cancer, and explaining the whole situation to Prabhat ji. And I was really upset because she was quite young, and Prabhat ji literally said, go and check where a particular room was. Is it in this direction? And we did. And it was exactly what he said. He’d never met her before. He just asked me a few questions about her health. That’s it. So, Prabhat ji, for people’s questions, someone’s asking, where did Vaastu originate from?

PP: Vaastu is an ancient Indian science which started way back with the Vedic period, with the starting of how to design and build the Vedi. The Vedi is the sacrificial fire, so where the altar of the sacrificial fire was, and the shape of the Vedi, the proportion of the Vedi, all these had various significances. So it started with a simple thing like that. Then there was a very simple thing which was called a Yūpa, which was a sacrificial post. Now, the sacrificial post was kind of a symbol of sacrificing your ego and sacrificing all that you want to get rid of in your energy system. And that was called a Yūpa. Now, this tradition was there that in ancient times, whenever a village or a
settlement was to be created, the first thing that was done was to plant the Yūpa.

AB: Right.

PP: Over the years, centuries, actually, this knowledge got lost in India.

AB: Right.

PP: But you would be surprised that this is a tradition which is still alive in Thailand. Any settlement happening in Thailand, and since the last hundreds of years, any settlement that has been there, these Yūpas are still there. And every Yūpa has been carved with amazing workmanship.

AB: Wow. So now Prabhat ji. There are a few questions can you correct a house if
it’s already been built? And someone else has said if there’s a washroom above the entrance, is there a remedy? So they’re all to do with if you move into a house, what corrections (should they do)? And there’s someone else who’s asked that, what can be done if one feels that their property does not favour long-lasting marital relationships?

PP: Well, when it comes to relationships, there’s an issue of what we call the southeast. There is either an extension of the southeast of the building or an extension of the southeast of the property. So southeast being a fire element, if there is a higher (southeast) extension or area in a building or in the land, it causes friction, causes relationship issues, it can cause labour issues in a factory, et cetera. So that is what you need to look at. And there are remedial measures where you can energetically reduce the opening or you can cut off that section or you can create another piece of land or property. So there are various ways in which this can be handled. But again, everything has to be done energetically. So these are solutions. Either you break it or rebuild it, which is a very costly proposition and 99% of the time not costly because it’s not your property, it’s not your place, you’re renting it or you’re letting it out to somebody else. So people cannot intervene to break things and redo them. So necessarily there has to be an energetic approach and therefore this training is very important. How to energetically analyze, how to energetically do it. It’s not as simple as it sounds because there are two types of energy fields— one is called the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere.

AB: Someone has asked about that as well. Can you explain the northern-southern hemisphere?

PP: Now, we have in India a very interesting situation. The entire west coast of India, we have what we call the Western Ghats or the western hills, which are forming like a barrier on the western side, which is towards the east. And this land is sloping down towards the sea, the Arabian Sea, which is on the west. So basically the land slopes east to west. The land is higher on the east, lower on the west, and there’s the mass of water on the west. This energetically creates a reversal of the flow which should be clockwise in the northern hemisphere to anticlockwise. So geographical location also creates these kinds of sub- eddies of energy or movement of energy. And according to these eddies of energy, clockwise or anticlockwise, the buildings and places have to be designed which we call the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. So what it simply means, is that in the northern hemisphere you have the pole, which is your north (pole). In the southern hemisphere, it’s the south, which is your (south) pole. So in the southern hemisphere, you don’t have a north pole, you have a south pole. So your north becomes your south. So the whole Vaastu principles have to be flipped on the east-west axis. So your fire goes in the northeast, your sacred space comes in the southeast. Your master bedroom goes in the northwest. Your garage and your guest room, et cetera, come in the southwest. So there has to be a flip of that. Then again, the staircase should be anticlockwise as you go up and not clockwise. So these are various principles which (can) change positions of doors, et cetera,.

AB: So a lot of things change thanks to you, Prabhat ji.

PP: But this knowledge was there in ancient India. So the entire coast of Kerala and the western coast, even today in their practice they have a Vaastu which is different from the rest of India. The tragedy is that both the Vaastu people from Kerala and the Vaastu people from north of India say that our Vaastu is right, yours is wrong, but both are right. In that place, you can’t interchange them.

AB: So, someone was asking that can the house be opposite a Zebra Crossing?

PP: Yes, that is not a problem. So long as there is not a road hitting the house, it’s not a dead end or it’s not a T junction or a Y junction, so the junction should not hit your house. In that case, what happens is, it’s like a constant beating of energy on your property, on the energy system of the land and the building, and can lead to a lot of issues depending on which quadrant of the house is affected, whether it’s the northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest. Now, if, fortunately, this road hits or dead-end hits your northeast of the house, which is your sacred space, then you don’t need to worry because that energy takes care of it. But if it is hitting at some other place like the southeast, then it can lead to problems or accidents, and sometimes it can be very dangerous accidents. And unfortunately, we have seen a lot of cases like these. But the solution, like in India, is that you can put a picture of Ganeshji, for example, facing the road, at the right of the centre, so when you look towards the house from the road, it (the Ganeshji) should be to the right of the centre of the road, and the eye of the deity should be at the hip level. In western countries, you can even have a picture of Mother Mary, which will have the same impact, or some other (spiritual) pictures or things can be used. But these are effective in neutralizing the hit, as we call the roads.

AB: Okay, then, Prabhat ji, someone else is asking in which text is the definition given about harmonizing the three spaces,

PP: These are texts like Maya, Mata, and Mansara. These are various ancient texts, like Garuda, etc, there are so many texts in ancient India, and this is one of the fundamental principles that they announce— harmonizing of the three spaces.

AB: Okay, then someone else is asking, do you do dowsing to analyze the property?

PP: Yes. There was a French scientist by the name of Yves Rocard, who was the father of the French Atom bomb. And, in the later years of his life, he devoted himself to the research on these kinds of instruments— dowsing instruments, pendulums and things like that. And he showed that these are to be considered scientific instruments because of the various ways in which it works. And this was based on a very interesting research work done by two American scientists who were studying the flight of birds, and they found that in the eyebrows of the birds, there was a kind of magnetite cells which worked as sensors for the birds to be able to fly through the magnetic field of the Earth and get back to their places of where they’re migrating, where they want to go and come back.

AB: Oh, wow.

PP: Similarly in the human body, we have them (magnetite cells) on the eyebrows, we have them on the elbows, we have them under the knees, we have them on the shoulder blades and we have them under the heels. So these are our body sensors and all the time we are getting these sensations and radiations from all (these) sources around us, and the body is processing it. And we have what we call spindle cells that are there in the body that works with the muscles. So the moment there is (some) stress, a message from the brain comes, to relax. So when you do these tests, these resistance tests, why do you fail? It’s because the resistance falls down, the spindle cells relax.

AB: Right.

PP: And the muscles don’t have that energy to hold on. So it can be food, it can be radiation, it can be anything, which can be the source of this weakness in the system.

AB: Okay, so Prabhat ji what I’m going to do, I’m going to ask you one last question and I will put your website because I think you’re better on the website. Right. You’re regularly on your website. I’ll put your website details on this video so that people can contact you directly. The last question is that I wanted to know if they want to look at basic Vaastu principles, what book would you recommend?

PP: Fundamentally, it’s very difficult to say that there’s any good book which is available, except for the origins of things like Ancient Text of Maya, Mata, Mansara, et cetera. Only thing is that these have not been illustrated, so people find it very difficult to understand.

AB: So they have to attend one of your courses? Which he does all over the world. So you’re all welcome to attend his courses. I’m going to put his website details and all his details on the chat so you can be in touch with him. And in terms of, I know there have been lots and lots of questions about corrections, but Prabhat ji has developed a system, so Prabhat ji, please tell them that before you go about your system of corrections.

PP: So these are little pieces and cubes of marble which we use. Because marble is one material in nature which by itself has positive radiation and it is lime based. Anything lime (based) will always have positive radiation.

AB: Oh, wow. Yes.

PP: So limestone, sandstone, marble, these are fundamental materials in nature which by themselves have positive radiation.

So in ancient times, they didn’t have cement, they had lime. And they developed the whole process of building houses with lime and structures with lime. So that was very helpful. It was creating a very positive environment and radiations within a space which would neutralize even the magnetic grades, which neutralize the underground water streams, everything. And today, if you’re able to even plaster the buildings from inside with lime and outside with lime, it would take care of these radiations from 5G towers and 3G towers, et cetera. Also high tension electric lines.

AB: Oh, I didn’t know that. That’s amazing.

PP: Yes. So these can be some things which we can relook into, how to bring back that system of working, and using this kind of material. The second thing is when we are doing a building or a house, steel is a big problem today. And when we make the structures, beams, labs, et cetera, we create what we call a cage of faraday. And this cage of faraday has an impact on our energy systems, where it gives you static electricity. For example, when you’re taking off a jersey or a jumper, you get that feeling of electricity running across your hand or your body.

AB: Yes.

PP: That comes from too much static electricity, which is bad for the body.

AB: Okay

PP: So, the moment you Earth one steel rod into the ground, as you do electrical earthing, then the entire building, whether it’s a multi-storied building or a single/ two-storied house, it doesn’t matter, the entire slab structure gets neutralised.

AB: Oh wow.

PP: Yes. These are some of the things we do at the construction stage and take care of it. The other thing is the right location, the right orientation, et cetera of the building. Because we have not spoken of aligning the building with east, west, north, and south and all. You know there are two sets of energy axes working in the body.

AB: Yes.

PP: One set which aligns with the cardinal directions, the other set which aligns with the diagonal directions.

AB: Okay.

PP: Therefore, the alignment of the building was always according to cardinal directions, and the functions of a building were always according to the diagonal directions. And it is the harmony of these which creates a harmony of our Nadi system, which is 70,000 in number, 72,000 in number. So the building can play an amazing role in harmonizing all our complex energy systems— Nadis, chakras, Pancha Koshas, etc. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to go into too much detail. But essentially, it is that, yes, buildings can be rectified, buildings can be harmonized, whatever may be the form, the shape, whatever may be totally against the principles of Vaastu, everything can be reenergized and reharmonized.

AB: Thank you so much, Prabhat ji. That was a really enlightening talk. I’m very happy to have this talk with you.

PP: Thank you very much. Thank you.

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