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Where there is Love, There will be Miracles

Love is one of my favourite subjects.

Is love what you feel for a parent? Is it what you feel for your partner? For your children? Is it what you feel when you think about your favourite person in the world? What you feel when you’re spiritually connected? All of the above? Some of the above?

I don’t know the answer. What I do know is that love has changed my life. I was headstrong and feisty (I still am), and I love unconditionally, so I never understood conditional love and used to get upset with people if they tried to control me. Then my children were born and I understood the purest form of love, unconditional beyond my wildest dreams. Somewhere along the journey of bringing them up, I realised that if we loved everyone and everything in the same way, if we became the very embodiment of love – wouldn’t that be what a lot of philosophies talk about where the separation between me and the other reduces, where I am the Universe and so is everyone else?

I started to work on it – meditation, yoga, various healing techniques – but most of all I started to change the way I thought – I started thinking positive, I tried to not let any negative thoughts even cross my mind, and if they did, I would analyse them and process them and let them go to the light – gently and with kindness (I do this thing where I visualise a negative thought that comes into my head, I dwell on it for a bit as to why it came there, what caused it; and then I gently take it to the light and let it go). I am a very extroverted person but I also spend a lot of time with myself.

I am finally learning to approach everyone and everything from a place of love – it’s work in progress but I have seen every single relationship in my life change for the better. I have seen everyday events turn into miracles, simple activities turn into absolute pleasure, and gratitude flowing in every cell of my body so much so that it’s palpable. When Rumi said ‘You are the Universe in ecstatic motion’, I understand that!

The more you personify love, the more you will see that people and animals will be attracted to you; conflict will begin to disappear; when you’re somewhere, people will begin to feel the magic and say it’s special; you will repeatedly hear people say at different events- this is so special; your energy will become so strong that you can change the atmosphere of a room by just walking into it, you will experience synchronicities beyond your wildest dreams.

Love has the power to heal the deepest wounds, change relationships, make you achieve things you never thought you could do, change the energy around you, remove every single blockage in your life, overcome anything and everything no matter what, and take you to a place of deep peace. I truly believe if we were full of love, the earth would heal, the stars would shine brighter; and the world would feel like the Universe in ecstatic motion to each one of us.

So whatever your questions or issue, in my limited experience, I have learnt that the answer is Love!

I wish you miracles…