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Womb Healing

Womb healing works with the womb space and is not specific only to women who have a physical womb, it’s for ALL women including those who identify as women. Womb healing has been used for centuries by medicine women, shamans, and priestesses as a form of health care. It’s how they helped reawaken the womb connecting women to their true source of healing, love, creativity and sensuality. It’s a guided deep dive into healing the scars that have been left behind by traumas, relationships, sexual encounters, social conditioning, divorce, self identity, and so much more. It uses various modalities of healing like manual manipulation of the womb space, sound and vibrational medicine, vaginal steams, herbal remedies, and reiki which will vary based on each woman’s individual needs restoring the absolute truest sense of self and restores the wild spirit all women were born with.

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