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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness so that you can then go and empower others. Jah, welcome to the chat.

Khun Jah: Thank you for inviting me.

AB: And thank you for making time for us. So, I wanted to ask you… to begin with, what is wellness to you?

KJ: Wellness to me is happy in the now and at different levels— physically, mentally, emotionally, we should be happy. At a physical level, you have to eat right, exercise right, to keep your body happy. At an emotional level, you have to feel happy. You try to feel happy because that’s the thing you can work upon. And mentally, of course, is to be optimistic with life. Life is wonderful. 

AB: Okay. Yes. That’s lovely. Thank you. So, tell us about the work that you do and about the energy healing that you do.

KJ: Okay, let me start. I look at everything as energy. Actually, I’m just a messenger, and I let the people heal themselves. So, what I do is I communicate with the subconscious mind so that ….the subconscious mind has a lot of information and they can help tell us what our imbalance is right now, so that we can release them, so that you become happier and more fulfilled with life. Basically, that’s what I do. I’m just a messenger. I’m trying to find your imbalance in your subconscious mind and then let you release them and become better, feel better.

AB: Okay, so now I go back to a basic question. A lot of us… we hear so much about the subconscious mind, right? So, what is the subconscious mind? Will you explain that to us?

KJ: Okay, I want you to look at the subconscious mind as a bio-software in our body. So, it’s how we react to everything that happens in our life. So, this software, actually we are born partly with it, and then we develop further to survive, to be happy, to be alive, to be sad, to be whatever, to every situation. But as humans, we are born with survival mechanisms, so we will learn to survive. That’s why we always remember negative things subconsciously, which will help us to survive. But the thing is, as we grow older, we program ourselves more and more with the same stuff, the same thing with all this. Some events we forget about, but some events we never forget. The reason we never forget is that— we have a memory of the event and we have an emotion attached to it. That’s why we remember exactly what happened with that kind of event. For example, let’s say like 9/11, when the World Trade was bombed. Most of us will remember where we are when we see events. Why? Because we have an emotion attached to the memory. And the same thing will happen in our daily life. Somebody, let’s say, hurt us and we remember exactly why. But the thing is, we have memory and emotion attached to our inside, captive, and they make sure we try to survive the next event. So, that’s what the subconscious mind does. But they can also do other basic stuff such as help us, your heartbeat, breathing, all this you cannot stop, because the subconscious mind will control everything to make sure we survive. Okay, there are two components to me, there are two components. One is to keep us alive, breathing, and heart-beat. And then the other thing is just to remember and help us survive. So, to make it simple, I want you to look at the phone, the telephone, the iPhone that you have. So, you look at the phone itself, which will be like your body, and when you touch it, it opens up. So, you have a few apps that you’ve been putting on. The apps are actually our survival apps. And then in the apps, actually behind it is what they call an iOS that we keep updating and get that sort of phone. You can actually look at it [the iOS] as a subconscious mind. That’s where we are. So, if you touch the phone, it will respond. So, when we touch us, we know exactly somebody is touching us. So, this is an automatic response that the system helps rebuild yourself. Okay, so with all these things, if we have the right app, you survive. But the thing is, sometimes we have some negative apps that we keep using everyday day to survive and we complain about our lives. I’m not happy. I’m not happy. But, you’re using the same apps. Okay, so for me, it’s what if you can delete the app, so that your program, your phone run better? So, when we can delete our own apps, we will run better. It’s as simple as that. We are deleting what we have created for ourselves. These are all inside jobs. Not an outside job, but an inside job. If we can communicate with the subconscious mind, we can literally delete all this by ourselves too. 

AB: Okay, so you’re saying if we change… when you’re talking about deleting the apps, you’re talking about changing the way our subconscious mind communicates with us? 

KJ: Yes. You see, usually, when you delete the apps, it’s like you’re deleting the emotion that you have attached to the memory. Because let’s say with the same event, you can delete out the emotion. You will feel nothing about the event. [You’re] Just like the same person, but we somehow have no emotional attachment from our past. You will feel nothing. You will feel better with this person, with this event.

AB: So now tell me, why do people say or what do you know… they believe that if you change your subconscious mind, your life changes? Why is that belief there?

KJ: Yes, because when you change your subconscious mind, you’re changing your own programming, your own reaction to the event. Let’s say you have some fearful event. The other person might not be so fearful. Let’s say the same with a spider. But you’re very afraid of the spider. Let’s say you’re very personal. The other person, he wasn’t afraid. He was playing with the spider. Why is that difference there? Because our subconscious mind is different. So, if somehow, we can delete, release your fear— that’s called deleting for me, eventually, you won’t be so fearful of the spider anymore. So that’s why when you change the subconscious mind, it has the power to change you. You will feel better, you will run better, you’ll be happier.

AB: Okay, so if I want to convince my subconscious mind about something, how do I do that? If I want to change a feeling or fear or an emotion, how do I do that?

KJ: Actually, there are two ways. One way is to consciously drive it. You force yourself to like… let’s say you have some, what they call NLP— Neuro-linguistic programming, where you just say the mantra every day. After a while, you start believing in it. That’s one way. That means you go through the conscious mind to get to the subconscious mind. And the other way, is what I prefer, is to go to the subconscious mind and start releasing all the negative emotion or negative feelings that you have about certain events in life. And then it will make us feel better. So there are two ways to really get into the subconscious mind to change it.

AB: So, can you tell us how you can help us do that? How would we actually go about doing that? 

KJ: For me, it’s like personally, I prefer the second way. That means I tap into the subconscious mind and I ask questions on what imbalance is causing this issue, and then we release them. The way I communicate with the subconscious mind, I have two favorite ways. The first way is called an L-rod— use this to talk to your subconscious mind. And this thing can only answer either yes or no. So, the other method, if you have no tools, nothing, say, oh, I want to tap my subconscious mind. There’s what they call muscle testing. And most of the common is just to extend your arm and have someone push you to ask a question.

AB: Yeah, Kinesiology. I know you and I worked with the dowsing rods quite a bit, over the years, so yes. So, now the next question I have is that if someone has a limiting belief, say I have a limiting belief about myself and I want to change it, how long will it take me to overcome it? So, say I start writing affirmations or I use one of the techniques that you’re going to show us to change a limiting belief. How long will it take me? Will it take me two weeks? Will it take me three weeks?

KJ: It depends on the energetic layers. If this issue has been going on your whole life, it takes a while, but it’s your determination to get rid of it that will help to reduce the time. Some issues, trust me, within one or two sessions, it’s gone, you feel much better right away. But for some issues, you really need to take time. So, it depends. Each one… we experience life differently. That’s why all this is very hard to pinpoint and give you exact time. But trust me, I’ve been in this for 15 years, it will be done; eventually it will be done. You can get rid of anything you want.

AB: I know you’ve helped me get rid of aches and pains and things like that. So, physical thing’s where obviously an emotion is trapped. Like you’re saying you’ve been working with clients for 15 years. I’ve probably worked with you on and off for what, three-four years? I know this lovely friend of ours who introduced you to me has been working with you quite a lot as well. So, what was the most challenging situation that you’ve helped someone with? Obviously, without giving away confidentiality or names, but tell us what is something that you didn’t think would work or that your client didn’t think would work?

KJ: I’ve seen many unexpected events, but one of the most challenging things is how can I make you believe that you are a powerful person? That’s the most challenging thing I’m finding, because everyone has a belief system on some issues, that they cannot do it again. For me, it’s like you can literally reprogram yourself to do anything, to get anything you want. So, with that, if they can change that— they can believe anything in life. Any sickness that you have come across, that you find challenging, the answer is within you. It might take time to get it out because you need to change a lot of your belief system, but eventually it will get out. But for me, you have to be happy. Happiness is the key. And how can you be happy? Usually, the people who come to me, they come first with pain. Pain to me is actually very simple nowadays, very simple. Because there’s a reason for all the pain, and your subconscious mind knows it. For example, knee pain, a lot of people are having knee pain nowadays. You thought, oh, I’m too fat and overweight. Yeah, that could be it. But one of the main reasons I found out is that they are tired of walking in life because they see the same issue every day. So, your subconscious mind is very smart. Oh, okay, you have the same problem every day. Okay, how can I divert your attention? Well, create a new pain. When you have physical pain, you tend to be more serious about it. So, you tend to focus on the pain and you forget other stuff. So, that’s how the body is helping us say, don’t pay attention to the same issue. Because the more you pay attention, the more you get it. This is the law of attraction. You won’t get it for sure. So, the thing is, you have to learn to divert your attention. So, all these things are very interesting. Everyone has their own experience, has their own path, and everyone is different. So, my biggest challenge is, how can I make you believe you can heal yourself? You’re powerful enough to heal yourself. That’s the most challenging thing that I am finding today.

AB: Okay, and do you find that you succeed with a lot of your clients and making them believe they can do anything?

KJ: Yes, not to name anyone. I’ve seen people who come to me and tell me that, okay, you’re the last person I’m going to listen to. And it was very challenging because they put pressure on me. But for me, I believe in energy. So, I told that person, if you want to have a better life, you have to start changing. You believe your mindset. So, he went from almost bankrupt in life, with nothing left, and now he has a big business; runs a big corporation right now, and he’s still with me today.

AB: How long does this process take?

KJ: Actually, it’s improved… quite gradually at first because the graph that I’m seeing— is you need to be persistent. It will slowly get better. And then suddenly after a certain time, it starts to become the exponential curve. Everything seems to be better suddenly. It’s like when you have a block, energetic blocks, you just need to lock it down so that you can see the other side. You just have to knock everything out. Okay? So, once you can knock it out and you can see the other side, you’re free. So, my job is to make sure that you get there quickly by reprogramming yourself. 

AB: So, do you have any advice for our followers?

KJ: Yes. Life is a journey. So, you’ll be going somewhere every day. Trust me. I like you to start looking at life from an energetic standpoint. Be aware of how you feel. What am I feeling right now? Because feeling is energy. When I think, I feel. So, you think and you feel negative. Stop thinking. You have a choice in life. So, when you can control your mind and you can feel better, what happens? Your future will be better. Because your future depends on the now. So if you’re happy now, your future will be happy. If you’re not happy now, your future, most likely, won’t be happy. So that’s why sometimes we live in the past and worry about the future too much. So, for me, my advice is to look at everything as energy and follow your feelings. Become aware. Create awareness for yourself. Because the more you’re aware of yourself, you can choose to let it go, to get rid of it by having new thoughts. Or take a shower, take a nap or do something else so that you feel better. So have fun. Life is a journey. You have to have fun.

AB: What’s the fastest way to connect to the higher being?

KJ: I think for me, it’s meditation. Why meditation? Because if you look at it, even you sitting here with me, our senses, right, our eyes, our ears, everything starts running. Our feelings start running. We’re feeling hot or cold or whatever; when your senses are running, your mind will respond. I’m looking at this. So, that’s why your mind is never quiet. And since we’re human, we tend to be very negative. But what is our higher being? Our high being doesn’t have this body. So, it doesn’t have any senses. So, if you want to connect to the higher being, you have to shut down your senses just for a while and have fun. Try to meditate. My recommendation is very simple, meditation is focused attention. So you focus on your breathing— in 1 2 3 4 5; out 1 2 3 4 5, with your eyes closed. You do this as long as you can. Trust me. This is meditation. And the more you do, the more awareness you will have. Because after you do your meditation— I recommend you do it every day, if you do it every day, you become more aware of your emotions. When you say, why am I angry? What caused my angriness? Then you just change the source. And then you become better. That’s why you connect to the higher being. Because the high being understands more. Because your higher being looks at everything as energy you see? But it looks through us as well.

AB: So you’re saying you meditate so that you can remove your senses from the equation. And then your mind will connect to the universal energy. 

KJ: Yes.

AB: How is meditation different from concentration?

KJ: Sometimes with concentration, you use your senses. Let’s say you’re looking at something, you’re trying to concentrate; I mean, you’re using your senses to focus. But for meditation, you’re shutting everything except your mind. So when you only have one factor… which is your mind and it’s very hard to control, trust me, because we’re not used to it. We keep wandering off and off. If you can learn to control your mind, that means you’ll be here, you’ll be present, you’ll be in the now, most of the time. By being focused on your concentration, you just concentrate on something, but the thing is, you’re using your senses, and sometimes it’s very tiring. But meditation is never tiring. When you come on to that meditation, usually you become lighter, happier, more energized. You see, that’s the difference.

AB: I love that you’re always telling us to be happy. Because that’s the crux of it, isn’t it? 

KJ: Yes. And you have a choice to be happy. For everything you have a choice. Why choose [to be] unhappy? Choose happiness. Because the happier you are, your whole family will be happy, too. Because you’re happy.

AB: Yeah. Lovely. How do you describe the sound you hear when you sit in meditation?

KJ: You see, because that’s where quietness comes in… when you’re very quiet, your ear suddenly hears almost, only the same thing. So, that means your ear has been resonating. And now then you can catch a humming sound in your ears. You can use that to your advantage. Focus on that. On the sound. Focus on the sound. I say, oh, I’m aware of the sound in my ears and welcome it. Because you use that as your guidance. It could be a problem, but make it happy. Make it a happy problem. We use it to our advantage. That all seems to be better.

AB: Jah, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today and for so generously sharing all your techniques. And I’m sure lots of people are going to be in touch with you. We’re very lucky to meet someone like you in our lifetimes. Thank you so much.

KJ: Take care. Good luck, everyone.

AB: Thank you. Thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the Wellness Curated podcast. Please subscribe and tell your friends and family about it. And here’s to you leading your best life.