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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness so that you can then go and empower others. Shakiba here is a powerhouse of knowledge. For 15 years, I kind of believed in bioresonance. I’ve seen results, but nobody could explain them to me the way you did. So thank you for that. 

Now, Shakiba has always had a passion for helping people and she was a student of medicine, actually, and then she got veered towards homoeopathy and nutrition and bioresonance. And now the way she normally works is she combines homoeopathy nutrition and uses her bioresonance machine, which she’s going to tell you all about, and people have incredible results. So, Shakiba. Let’s start. So what is wellness to you?

Shakiba Rangoonwala: For me, actually, health is wealth. I always start my talks like that. And wellness is not just an absence of disease, in my opinion. It is a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being. And it is an active process of striving toward a healthy and fulfilling life, making the right choices of diet and lifestyle with the appropriate guidance, which is very important because well-being is very individual-based. Each person has got a different way of well-being. Somebody could be very thin, wanting to put on weight or the other way round, and many other examples.

AB: No, I agree with you 100%, because just like everyone who’s popping in vitamin C pills at this point and people were having ginger, but that doesn’t suit me. So you’re right, it’s so individual-based. 

SR: Yes. Whereas somebody else may actually get better immunity by doing that. So it is very individual-based. 

AB: Exactly. So now, how would you explain this bioresonance, which is so difficult to explain?

SR: It is a therapy that uses a device, and there are many devices, as such, of the bioresonance, that measure the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body. These measures are used to assess imbalances in the body systems to achieve the desired result. It is based on the idea that unhealthy cells or organs emit altered energy and in waves. And these electromagnetic waves — the detection of these waves can be used to identify and confirm the imbalances in the different systems of the body. And we change these waves, that’s the whole idea of bioresonance, to their normal frequency. And this will achieve the desired result of a state of health.

AB: Fantastic. Now, Shakiba, do you have any scientific evidence like I kept asking you, right? Can you share it with the audience? Because that really gives people confidence. 

SR: Exactly. You know what, I actually, myself, was a bit sceptical because I’ve been a homoeopath and a nutritionist for many years. And I went to one of those fairs where they are selling a lot of new equipment that comes out. And one of the things that were there was this device and I just sat there and I held the rods and I just couldn’t believe what was coming up. I didn’t even talk to the practitioner about my symptoms or anything. And a lot of my symptoms came up there and I said, what is this device? So I rented it for a year and it was just a miracle machine for me in my practice. So that is my experience. But the scientific evidence, going back to your question, has roots in the 1970s with Dr Franz Morell, who’s a German medical doctor who uses homoeopathy in his practice. And homoeopathy is based on the actual belief that, life, cures, life. A similar substance is given to the patient/client and that achieves a desirable result because then the body frequencies are at their normal level. And it’s based on the fundamental concept that water has memory. This is a very important part of homoeopathy. So Morell wondered if it might be possible to develop a kind of electronic homoeopathy by using electromagnetic signals coming from the patient’s body, because the body is 70% water, right? And so information should be stored in there if the water memory theory was correct. So that’s how this came together. With his engineer son-in-law and the biophysicist Dr Ludger Mersmann, in ‘77, they developed a filter system to separate unhealthy and healthy electromagnetic signatures coming from the body. And then these rods were placed on the skin and they did a lot of experiments and it just was a wonder machine.

AB: Okay, fantastic.

SR: And basically, I want to say one more thing. It’s a tool to enhance your overall assessment and treatment ability and it is just not the only thing that’s to be used. After an extensive consultation and case-taking, it is an added tool to sort of either confirm or give you more information. 

AB: Okay. So like what you do, like you make people fill in forms and then you do a consultation about their nutrition and their homoeopathy and all that and then…

SR: Everything, and then in the last bit, I will use this device and then this will confirm. And many times it happens that the client says, I never told you that. And how did this pick up my symptoms? For example, the other day, a lady came in and said, I never told you about the pain in my back and it came exactly L four, number four. And when I pointed there, she said, that’s exactly where my pain is. So it picked up those altered energy issues there.

AB: And obviously, from what we’ve seen recently with someone that we know, both of us know really well and have in common about all the tests that were done, and then the bioresonance device spent three minutes and got it all.

SR: That was quite surprising, actually.

AB: That’s what really convinced me about it.

SR: So, this particular client had gone to a health firm and he said that there were vials and vials of blood that they had taken and that they went through extensive testing and a fortune and he came and showed me the results. And when we did the bioresonance, they showed him very similar readings. 

AB: Yes. And when he spoke to me, he kept saying it took less than three minutes. He was totally blown away, as was I, because I was never convinced. For the last 15 years, I was never convinced, I saw results, but I didn’t know how they were coming. It is like magic.

SR: You could call it, but I’m not supposed to say that.

AB: Okay, now tell me, what areas have you seen the most success in? What conditions have you seen the maximum amount of success? 

SR: As a nutritionist, my main aim, my focus when the client first comes to me is the gut. Because if you are not absorbing any nutrients, your body will get weakened and the systems will get weakened. That’s where I concentrate and I do see a lot of improvement there. And once that improves, the symptoms are shown up on the skin, or on various other issues such as sleep, energy— lack of energy, and anxiety. All that will come because of a lack of nutrients. And the most important thing is environmental factors which are influencing the body. So those have to be addressed. But I have seen a lot of improvement in gut issues, in sleep issues, headaches, low energy, anxiety.

AB: And anxiety has been such a big deal at the moment.

SR: Recently, I have been concentrating a lot on emotional and mental issues because as homoeopaths, we look at the causative. Even in nutrition, there’s a lot of strive towards functional medicine. That means looking at the cause rather than the actual symptom that the client has come with. The anxiety has been a cause of a lot of stress. Some people may come with serious skin issues, and sleep issues and those are actually going back to the emotional stress that’s happened due to COVID. And all this has been happening since February.

AB: Okay, and have you had conditions where it hasn’t worked?

SR: So, I can’t say it hasn’t really worked on the conditions. I think what’s happened is that… what I need to be very aware of is the serious pathological issues that people have like long-term issues, for example, heart, thyroid, cardiovascular, and other issues. So those have to be medically treated. And since I was studying to be a doctor, I know a lot about allopathic medicine and I know when the client needs to be referred to the GP [General Practioner] and we are also trained to do that. So I will work together.

So my idea is to have integrative health care to work with the doctor…so the client will come and she’s got a thyroid problem. Yes. And they’re suffering from more symptoms. But I will never tell them to go off their thyroid medicine. I will help them with the symptoms they come with by looking at the causative factors. Many times it’s the side effects of the drugs that they’re having.

AB: Okay, I see. And also, like, since you’re a nutritionist and a homoeopath, is there a situation where you find that the bioresonance machine has actually contradicted your findings?

SR: In fact, quite the opposite. I was first a homoeopath for many years. I qualified as a homoeopath in 1997 from Regents College. And what happened was that in the following years, I was helping clients. And what would happen is that I would just give general nutritional advice and they would get better. So I said, let me get a proper qualification in that. So actually they complement each other. So homoeopathy with the right diet and lifestyle advice, that’s the way forward.

AB: And do you find that the machine normally confirms what you’re saying rather than contradicts what you’re saying with the occurrence?

SR: It always confirms and gives me added information, so that helps me. And what the machine does, there’s something called the whole tank where all the symptoms come up. And next to that is the advice. There are many supplements which are already programmed into this machine, so it will give me advice on what to do. So then it’s up to my discretion which brand to use and what to use because I’ve already taken an extensive case. I will then decide how to put the diet and lifestyle advice together. 

AB: Okay. And that actually leads nicely to what I was going to ask you next. How do you help people once you’ve got all this data about them, they’ve told you… you use the machine, then how do you help people?

SR: So basically, I get all the information together and I will write out maybe five or six kinds of things for them to change.

AB: Also, Shakiba, do you want to tell everyone about the food sensitivity test you did for me, which I thought was pretty incredible because it involved no blood being taken?

SR: This is very interesting because what happens is that there are many tests that one can perform, but the first one that I always do is called a comprehensive analysis, where it will pick up the general imbalances in your body systems. That is when I make the drops. The second one I always do is my way of practising, which many other practitioners may do differently— but I do a food sensitivity test. So what happens is that I will do a second test where I will press that test. With a food sensitivity test… I mean, you can’t say it’s an allergy or intolerance. It could be either. It’s a signalling system of red and yellow. So the yellow is more stressed and the red is a little stressed. So I will advise you to either give up the food or cut down the intake of certain foods. So you will go home with that sheet. And this is not forever, because the whole idea is to balance the body with the nutritional advice. And once, especially the gut is improved, then hopefully you can have those foods after a couple of maybe six weeks or a couple of months and reintroduce them in a gradual manner.

AB: So, would you recommend people come back to you after?

SR: Absolutely. There’s one client in particular. I’m sure she’s listening in because she’s my good friend as well. So she came to me with issues of fibromyalgia and extreme weakness. And what happened was I changed her a lot with the diet and the lifestyle, and she just believes [in this] so much. Now she knows how to read these food sensitivity sheets. And every six weeks or two months, she will come to me and we will go through it quickly, the follow-up, and we’ll do the food sensitivity, and she changes her diet, and she really feels that it improves her when she follows that advice.

AB: Fantastic. So you would say it takes about six weeks to see some sort of initial result. Is that right?

SR: So some people see results almost straight away because what happens when you hold the rods, you’re actually getting frequencies back into your body, as you have experienced because you sat there. And what happens is that already the frequencies are trying to balance you, and then you’ve taken homoeopathy drops. So what happens is that some people get balanced pretty quickly. Also maybe it depends on how long that particular symptom that you come with has been imbalanced. 

AB: Yes.

SR: So, there are many factors. So some people, they’ll say in the next week, oh, my God, I’m already better. Some people after six weeks will say, yes, that is better, but not that it’s a continuum. It’s very individual-based.

AB: Fantastic. And from what I seem to understand, will the bioresonance machine, you think, ever replace medical and alternative doctors because it’s so incredible?

SR: I’m not sure. Alternative doctors, I’m very much for, but the medical, no, we have to work together. The whole idea of medicine, of getting people better is an integrated way of working. The doctors should be working with people like me so that we work together. So we look at the causation, we look more into the food, the diet and the gut, which the doctors actually don’t have time to do. They are doing their job— you will come with a symptom, and they’ll give you medicine for that symptom.

For example, for a headache, they will give you a painkiller. If you come with a fever, they’ll give you something to reduce the fever. But we will look at the colds. Why is there a headache? Maybe it is a mental or emotional issue. Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep. So we really go deep into it. For each consultation with me, the first one would be an hour to an hour-and-a-half with extensive case-taking.

AB: Okay. And my last question for you is do you have any advice for our followers listening today?

SR: So my advice would be to follow the diet and lifestyle advice that is tailor-made to you and not just read everything in the newspaper and start following that. Like a lot of my clients, my friends, they listen to their friends. Oh, that is the best thing to have. Let me have that. For example, something like glutathione, it’s an antioxidant, it’s a new thing that people are actually doing fine with and they’ll start having that. Maybe you don’t need it. I mean, you see many other factors and do not just go for the fad that is out there.

AB: Okay, very good. So how does one stay immune during this time? Which of course is a very good question because so many people are worried at the moment. 

SR: Yes. So basically I think that the thing to do is mind over body. You have to be positive and see the good in what’s happening. Like what is coming out of this, right?  So, if you stay positive, that is the main thing for me. I always work first with the mind and then of course with the body. There are certain vitamins like vitamin C, then there is multivitamin zinc. All immune-boosting supplements— I would give to that. But basically mental, emotional understanding and relaxation is the key to this because if you start listening to the news too much, then you get anxiety. And that’s what happened to me in the beginning. I just listened to the news and I said this is not happening, I’m not listening to the news and I would carry on with my routine.

AB: Are there any side effects of using this machine?

SR: Not at all. Absolutely none. Absolutely none whatsoever. There are no side effects. If it doesn’t help you, it’s not going to be doing any harm. And such is homoeopathy. 

AB: Right. And can anything be done long distance? Now, I know we talked about this. So?

SR: Yes, what happened during lockdown is that I couldn’t see face-to-face. We weren’t allowed by law, I could take a hair and a saliva sample, put it onto my plate and we do the test and I will hold the rods and we will do the test. So that does take place because I will mentally think of that person or the rods can be placed on the machine, on the hair and saliva sample. I actually prefer doing that than holding the rods. Some of the practitioners hold the rods. And I practised this with my entire family before I did it with any client and I think that did work.

AB: And can we compare this machine with ayurvedic pulse reading?

SR: (ponders) It’s different. It’s different, but I guess you can compare it because pulse reading is energy-based and you do feel the pulse. Yes, I think you can. I am also qualified as an Ayurveda. I got a degree in ayurvedic [pharmacy]. So I do know ayurveda. I didn’t do a pulse reading. I was working more with the doshas and advising with that. But I don’t practice that right now because a lot of the remedies are metal-based, and not allowed in this country. So I didn’t want to go down that route.

AB: But that’s a good way of looking at it. Whether it’s pulse reading or some people read the cranial fluid…

SR: Some of the devices actually go on the head…of the bioresonance. So this is the one I chose because it’s made in the UK.

AB: It’s also easy, right? You just hold it. I’ve been on yours. It’s very easy.

SR: So, the updated version of this is something called Qest4. And that has got the rods on the side. But it works very similarly. 

AB: Right. And can the machine pick up serious illnesses?

SR: So, it may give me imbalances on that. And if you keep coming back to me, it will keep giving me imbalances. Then I will recommend you to go to a GP [General Practioner]. First of all, when you come to me, you fill in a complete questionnaire. And I do require a blood test report, so I will pick up things from there. And then if there is some sort of inflammation and there’s high CRP [C-Reactive Protein] or I can see high white blood cells or anything like that, I will refer you to a GP, as that’s their forte. 

AB: Fantastic.

SR: I can pick up some things in the blood report and then recommend you to see a GP.

AB: Okay, fantastic. And what do you do for balancing gut health? Is that part of your approach?

SR: That’s my first approach. I do a lot [of things] to do with the gut imbalance. Because the Asyra would generally pick up something to do either with the colon or the stomach or digestive issues and then I would definitely help you to balance the gut. Gut imbalance is known as dysbiosis, and that is key for [seeing] improvement in any symptom you come with.

AB: Lovely. Do you have any advice on menopause, especially with weight gain? 

SR: Absolutely. Menopause is something that… actually the ideal thing would be to come to me is, before menopause. That’s called perimenopause or even before. So then I will give you a diet and lifestyle according to the right guidance. For example, I’ll tell you to have flax seeds. Flax seeds are full of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant-based estrogens which take the place of estrogen. So the menopausal symptom comes because there’s no estrogen. So if you have plant-based estrogen, they take the place and then you don’t face so many symptoms. And weight gain is one of the natural things that happen because what happens is that the metabolism goes slow. So I don’t want to start a lecture on menopause right now, but yes, I’ve seen many favourable results. I myself am a major example. I started this journey many years ago before menopause and touch wood, I’ve never needed any HRT [Hormone Replacement Therapy] or anything. And [experienced] very few hot flushes. Weight gain has got to do with diet and lifestyle, for sure. 

AB: Yeah. Fantastic. You also look like you’re 30 years old. 

SR: No, thank you. Thank you. You’re very kind.

AB: Can the rest be done online? For those who live abroad?

SR: Yes, I think I would probably do a zoom call so that I could see the client. Because for me, the body language, the look, all that is very important because that’s my homoeopathic training. And then we definitely could do it long distance, and we could do zoom calls and follow-ups like in between the zoom calls. You can write to me anytime and you’ll get an answer.

AB: Fantastic. There’s one thing that I think will be helpful to people if you would touch on it. A lot of people at the moment are going through anxiety, right? So can you give us examples of how you manage to help people [with anxiety]? Just give us one or two examples, obviously without taking names.

SR: Basically, anxiety has a lot to do with the talk that happens in the room. So basically, I’m almost like a counsellor because they’ll talk and then I’ll give them measures on how to relax. So, for example, I would give mindfulness advice, the little bit that I know. I’m sure there are many practitioners who may be online who are [more] qualified in mindfulness, but I’ll give you an app to listen to, and then I will tell you to do more yoga, more relaxation, and tell you to take time out for yourself. So basically, rather than just being in the house and being cooped up, go for a walk, listen [to music]… there are many different tools you can use to overcome anxiety. The main thing is to actually identify where the anxiety is coming from and then talk it through and look at the positives rather than the negatives.

AB: Okay. Should flaxseed be consumed whole or roasted or powdered?

SR: Powdered. For me, powdered is the best. And once you open the packet, you put it in the fridge because it goes off. And have one tablespoon per day.

AB: I also have flaxseed oil, which is what Mayr recommends.

SR: Because flaxseed is full of omega 3. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid which we don’t get through the diet. So if you don’t make a conscious effort of having the natural omega 3s, you will be low in it. And omega 3 is really important for the brain, for the cells, for the cell membrane to be supple, [and] to get the nutrients to flow. There are many factors [like the] lack of omega 3 can cause serious issues.

AB: Okay, thank you. Is turmeric good to have in powder or tablet form?

SR: Depending on how pure the powder is? I myself have it in a tablet form because what happens is that the active ingredient, which is Curcumin, is concentrated in a tablet form, and that’s what you’re having. But the thing is to have it from the right supplement company. So as nutritionists, we know the right company. So I will recommend you all the right ones. And I like to use the food state companies, which are made from actual food rather than synthetic.

AB: …rather than chemicals. Okay. Thank you, Shakiba. That was such an incredible talk.

SR: And thank you so much for having me on and having this conversation. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

AB: Thank you. It was my pleasure. 

Thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the Wellness Curated podcast. Please subscribe and tell your friends and family about it. And here’s to you leading your best life.