Manifesting Money

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Anshu Bahanda: This is Anshu Bahanda on Wellness Curated. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. My mission is to empower you with health and wellness so that you can then go and empower others. Welcome to the chat Amrita. 

Amrita Mann: Thank you. Thank you, Anshu.

AB: And tell me, what is wellness to you?

AM: Wellness, Anshu, I think first and foremost is a sense of inner peace. And I know that when we don’t think of peace or calmness as wellness, most of us. Especially those who are living with the struggle of making money and things like that, who are living on the fast track. But when you are working from a place of inner peace and bliss, you will make the right decisions. Things will come to you because you are in a mode of receptivity. You are calm, you’re composed. So whatever decision you take in life will be from a place of peace and not of anxiety or fear or worry. Because whatever energy you’re sending out that’s what you’re getting. And if you want to… like we all want a peaceful life, we all want a happy, joyful life. So the key is to remove any blockages within ourselves, any resistance that we have towards it, within ourselves, which comes from programming and conditioning and all that. So it’s a lot of self-work, which I think the essence is like— when you’re operating from a place of calmness and peace, you will generally end up doing things that will bring peace and happiness in your life. Then, I think virtues are a very important part, especially when it comes to making money. And general wellness in life. Because we’re taught the six virtues and yoga. And generally every child is taught— do the good thing, don’t do the bad thing, and don’t be jealous, and don’t be angry, things like that. So that is something… Because those kinds of energies, when we have that in our aura, again, we’ll attract the same as what is within us. So, I think that goes a long way. We will discuss more on that as we go forward. But to generally have a few spiritual tools, as I call it, in our toolbox, is good because we are human, we will get angry, we will feel jealous and we will get worried. And at that point of time to have this conscious awareness— that okay, this is how I’m feeling, this is what is going through me right now, even if you have that— that is like 50% of the battle won, because then you can change your life, then that is like the first step in acknowledging, okay, fine, this is the thought, I just thought this and this is how I’m feeling. Let me tackle it within myself. And it’s not the other person’s fault, or the things outside or not.

AB: In the words of an energy healer— to you, what is money? Can you describe what money means to you and what money means to the universe?

AM: Money is just energy in the terms of… it’s just energy, just like anything else. It’s there in the universe, and it’s meant to flow like energy is meant to flow. You’re supposed to inhale and exhale. You can’t keep inhaling and not exhale. You will collapse. So, it’s the same thing. You have to give and take. So, it’s a flow. And when that flow is disrupted, the money, and energy kind of gets stuck. There is abundance in the universe. Humans tend to limit it to a certain number, a certain amount. But when you are looking at money from an energy perspective, whatever you need, whenever you need it, it will come to you because it’s not limited. So having that belief is… I know some people may call it being very optimistic, but again, your beliefs are what you are. Beliefs are what your life also becomes. And beliefs are very, very important. Your belief about money is very important because those are the emotions. The beliefs are like an emotional gunpowder because they are what will go out into the universe and bring whatever you believe; it will come back to you. And you’ll think that, see, this is what I thought, this is what it is. And then you’re in that cycle of how life is not getting better for me, or life is always like this. So, money is also like that. It’s just an energy. If you are receiving it, you have to make it flow. You cannot hold it, because… and I’ve seen this with people like people who have hoarded money or who have always said, we don’t have enough, we don’t have enough, after having more than enough; they will end up losing it in a very unfortunate incident like, that money will not work for them. So, there is no point in hoarding money or having money if money is not going to work for you. So, you need to basically make money work for you rather than work your ass off for money.

AB: How can you describe people’s reactions to money? Because it’s such a big obsession, right?

AM: Yeah, I think there is a lot of fear around money, especially, which comes from our conditioning— it’s social conditioning. As soon as the child starts going to school, then you’re like, okay, now what field does she or he need to go into? It all comes down to how much money you’re making and there is fear around it. It’s not ever like, what do you want to do? What do you think you will excel at? A lot of people have this thing that they will be socially accepted only if they have money. So, there’s a lot of worth also attached to it or value you can say. So, whatever you value yourself, you may not have millions of dollars, but if you value yourself, if you value your time, money will never be a problem. It will always flow to you because money and valuing yourself, it’s like connected. Whereas, then a lot of people again, like I was saying, people want to hold it. They don’t want to share. They are competing with one another because again, that sense of inner fulfillment or inner peace is not there. You are wanting something which the other has, rather than being grateful. So, this is one of the tools that I tell people, is that you should be grateful. Even when you’re giving, be grateful that you have enough to give. Even when you’re paying your bills, you should say— thank you that I have enough to pay my bills. And thank you, money for coming in and thank you money for going out. Whichever way, you can sing it, you can make a rhyme out of it, whichever way, as long as you’re doing it from a place of joy. Because if you’re doing it again from a place of worry, like that’s fine, if I’m grateful for it, then it will come back, that is something which of course, initially you have to tune yourself to. But when you see it happening, then you should try and do it from a place of joy and gratitude. That is something which is very important. Another very important thing about what people think about money is how a parent thinks about their child. If you’re always worried that my child’s not going to make money, he’s not going to or she’s not going to be at par with others, and you’re always worried about your child’s future, that is what you are sending. Because a parent’s energy is very potent for the child. And this is what unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize. But if you have faith, like Kahlil Gibran’s poem, he says ‘children will come through you, they are not yours to possess.’ So, if you have that faith that they will be taken care of, let them follow their heart’s passion, let them follow their desires, and you will notice that they will excel at whatever they are meant to do. So that is something, that is a mindset that we all need to change because things are changing very fast. And what we know of money, what we’ve known of money for so long— that may also change in the coming few years. So, money is going to be a big thing in the next few years. Our outlook towards money… Like this last, 2019, our outlook towards life and outlook towards work changed so much. So, these things are probably going to happen with money also.

AB: You know what you said about children picking up their parents’ feelings. We don’t realize we go through life having inherited this and we don’t even realize where that fear is coming from. It’s coming from our parents sometimes.

AM: It’s coming… Yeah. That is why I said— to be consciously aware of the feelings and thoughts is how you can change it.

AB: So, tell me something. Now, there’s another thing that some people, that people talk about a lot. One child would be born into scarcity. Another child would be born into abundance. Where does that come from?

AM: So that is a soul’s journey. The soul decides which family it wants to be born in, and believe it or not, for at least two or three years, depending on how connected the soul is, they have an option of deciding whether they want to be in that family, whether they want to work out that karma in that family or not. So they have whatever karma you are supposed to be working out. That is the kind of family you will choose to be born into. So, if you have money issues to work out, you may be born into a family which has scarcity of money. If you have relationship issues to work on, you’ll be born in a family which has relationship problems so that you can work that karma. So, basically, that’s why we’re all here to work out our karma. So, that is a soul’s decision entirely. And to think that a lot of people get bitter about this, is where the virtues, the jealousy and all comes in. And if you are jealous about the other person having more than you, you’re actually blocking your flow of money. Because even if you’re doing all the affirmations and everything and there’s this jealousy in you, the affirmations are bringing the energy to you, and the jealousy in you will block it. So, you may receive it, but it will go again in a manner which you don’t want it to go. It may just come and go. You may not even physically receive it. So, these are things which energetically block our lives from receiving. That is one of the things— your karma is a big factor in money also.

AB: So, my next question is probably very important. How can we help people sort out their relationship with money and remove the blockages around it and therefore manifest money? So, can you give us some tools and techniques? I know we already talked about gratitude.

AM: Yeah, gratitude, being consciously aware of the blocks that you have. A lot of people, especially people who are spiritual or a lot of people generally, have this block towards receiving or they feel they’re not good enough. That can come from your previous lifetime where you’ve made a vow of poverty or suffering and sacrifice and things like that. So, releasing past life, if you’ve done a lot of things and you still feel that you’re struggling and money is not coming to you, then maybe there’s a vow of poverty you have taken in one of the past lives. So, you need to work on releasing that. You can do it through prayer, through meditation, through energy healing, or anything. Then the other thing is, these are important points. They may not be tools as such but a lot of people have this victim consciousness.

AB: What is victim consciousness?

AM: Victim consciousness is where you’re always blaming the other person. You don’t take responsibility for your own life or things that are happening in your own life. So, when you are playing the victim, it can be in any aspect of your life including in terms of money. So, when you are blaming the other person, you are actually giving your power away. So, you are making yourself weaker, you are making yourself more susceptible to the same pattern, again and again. It becomes a very deep-rooted pattern. So, these are some things that are deep-rooted. They take time to heal, they take time to come out. So, it’s important to be aware if you have any of these patterns or any of these habits in your life. Then letting go of belief systems is a very big aspect. There can be many belief systems that money is evil or money is not good. And a lot of people think that people who have money are not nice. So, that again is a big misconception, because you are telling the universe that you don’t want that kind of money. But money can be made sacred if you use it for the right thing, if you’re using it to uplift people, if you’re using it for a good cause. Money is a very sacred energy. But it’s because the old school thoughts form again— that it doesn’t grow on trees, it’s evil, it’s this, it’s that. So, those are the things that kind of block us. Or a family who’s always struggling, who has struggled where ancestors have struggled. People who have a history of, say, in India partition when they had to leave and come, when they have that trauma, to have left everything. Whatever they had made, they lost. So, they didn’t receive as much as they had. A lot of things happened. So, all that comes down as in your ancestral lineage also. If it is a very strong thought form, it’s a very strong belief system that I will lose whatever I make. That is another thing. Then the other tool is basically to bless your job, bless your bosses. I know not many people love their bosses but the fact is that they are providing for your family. They have given you an opportunity to make money. So, even if things are not the way you want them to be, you need to be, again, grateful for your last job because a lot of people quit their jobs thinking that they’ll do better. But again, the same pattern comes if you haven’t healed the wound. So, you need to bless your job, bless your boss, be grateful for the opportunity that you’ve been given that will bring more opportunities to you also. And again, self-worth, how much do you value yourself? That’s another very big thing because I’ve seen this in a lot of healings also— that if you don’t value yourself enough, even if you are really working hard, you will not make the kind of money that you’re supposed to make. And a lot of people struggle with this— that I’m working day and night, but I’m not making so much money. So that has a lot to do with your self-worth. Then there’s a very simple exercise, also that you can do— just inhale, breathe in abundance and say, I exhale lack and scarcity from every cell of my body. So, when you’re inhaling, you can keep your palms facing up. You can do it even now. You can just inhale and visualize, like white, brilliant white light coming down into your body, filling up every cell in your body with abundance. Exhale. You can place your palms down facing the ground. Exhale, release all lack and scarcity, all blockages.

AB: That’s lovely.

AM: You can do this a couple of times a day, whenever you have time. It’s not like you have to be in a meditative mood. Wherever you feel you’re conscious of your thoughts and you feel that, again, I’m creating a blockage, I’m creating a poverty consciousness or something like that, you can do it at that point of time— breathe in long, breathe out.

AB: I love that it’s so simple; it’s not complicated so that anybody can do it at any point.

AM: Correct. Yeah. So most of the things actually really work— unless you have these blocks, which I’ve spoken about in the past, earlier— they really work. They’re very simple. If it’s just some block that you have created in your present life, then it’ll work. These simple things work very fast. Another one which I’ve spoken of before is just opening your arms up to the universe and saying you’re grateful, that is like a very powerful one. A lot of people feel restricted doing that. So, if you feel restricted doing that, know that there is something in you which is blocking you…so force yourself to do it, because that’s how you open up.

AB: I just want to talk about it again. So, just tell people briefly about that.

AM: Yeah, sure. So, it’s very simple. You just go out, like in a park or wherever you can see the open sky or the sun.

AB: Even a balcony?

AM: Even a balcony, yeah. So, you just go out, you open your arms up like this, look up and say, thank you for the love, the abundance, thank you for the money, whatever you need, whatever you have. And that really opens up your heart. It physically opens up your heart chakra, and your basic root chakra, which are extremely important when it comes to money. Because the more you give, the more you’ll receive. That comes from the heart. If you have a blocked heart chakra, or if you have any belief system stuck in the heart about money, then again, there’ll be a blockage. You’ll feel like you’re stretching. Or even when you do yoga exercises and you’re doing the stretching test, you can even do it at that point of time, because at that point of time, you’re consciously stretching the cells in your physical heart because there is a deep rooted block. It’s very powerful, actually releasing it while doing yoga.

AB: But the other important point here is I think, Amrita, for everyone to understand that if they don’t know what’s blocking them, because we’re not all trained to know. Sometimes to someone like you or to an energy healer, we have safety, who we believe in, who can help us. Firstly define our blocks and then help us to release them. Sometimes we don’t even know that we’re blocked in some way.

AM: Yeah, because I’ve seen like money blocks in a lot of people, mostly in the root chakra. It could be to do with your family, it could be to do with something that happened. A physical injury can also sometimes create a block towards abundance. Because if you have that thought that if I can’t make money now, things like that, sometimes it’s not at all connected with money, it’s connected with your family, it’s connected with your relationships, how secure you feel in your life, especially with your parents. And I know a lot of people say of course you feel secure with your parents, but I’m talking about at a subconscious level what you have felt as a child, whether you have felt secure, whether you felt that there is this power taking care of you. And all that gets recorded in your basic chakra and your root chakra. So, these two chakras also are important. They can be healed with energy healing and things like that. And the other thing… there are quite a few things— affirmations, of course, affirmations, they work brilliantly and they work even better if you release the blockages first. So, you can do some breathing exercises to release it. Even if you don’t know what blockage you have and if you just do some breath work and you just say, okay, I release all blockages towards money, I release all poverty, consciousness that is within me, you will feel the more breath work you do you’ll become sensitive to the sensations in your body. So, you might feel like a slight stretch in your heart or even the throat sometimes, because it can be stuck anywhere in your body. It’s good to get in touch with your body in that sense because your body will tell you a lot about yourself if your thoughts aren’t.

AB: Amrita, now, why is it that some people have this belief system that you have to work really hard to earn money. And, why is it that some people have to work really hard? Well, with others it comes very easily. And why is there such a divide? Is it all about belief systems?

AM: Belief system is a very, very big factor. Like I said, your beliefs are very powerful. Whatever you believe in, will happen. Your beliefs are something which is very important. It plays a very important role because they get embedded into your system. And it’s difficult, even if you do affirmations, even if… that’s how some people say the law of attraction doesn’t work for me. And they’ve been struggling with receiving money and all, but when there’s a block in you, you will not be able to make it work for you the way others have made it work for them. That is a factor. Karma is also a very big factor. And one thing which I really believe in is that you were talking about working hard. So, I don’t know if that is… Again, a lot of ancestral thought forms come into our life, which we carry forward from our ancestors, that you need to work hard, you need to work hard. And that was a fact, say about 100 years back. People did need to physically work hard so that physical work was there. But now we’ve come into the Aquarian age, which is all about technology, our mental power, our mental strength and stuff. So, you don’t need to physically work that hard. If you’re smart, you can make money like we are mostly now making money sitting at home. So, you can even do that. And that is what even the Aquarian age is all about. It’s about what your thoughts are, what are you sending out because it’s an air sign, it’s got to do with your thoughts. We were in the age of Pisces, and before that the age of Capricorn. So, it was like Capricorn had to do with Earth energy. It’s physical hard work, labor. Then they came to ground energy. Now it’s more like so everything was done by road. Road transportation was the thing at that point of time. It was a struggle. So, those kinds of things get fed into our system— that it’s a struggle to make money. If you enjoy your work, if you enjoy what you do, then it’s not a struggle. So, the struggle is also an aspect of the mind only, which is again, you can call it a belief system or an aspect of your mind or things like that. So, if you stop the struggle in your mind, if you really enjoy what you’re doing, if you follow your passion, it’s not a struggle, then you don’t have to. And even if you are doing something right now that you need to do to provide for your family, if you do it with the feeling that I’m so grateful that I have this job, things might just change for you. You might just end up getting into a position that you love. So, it’s a lot to do with your own thoughts, especially nowadays, because the energy has become so fast, and fast is…

AB:  What do you mean by fast?

AM: (Fast is) not the right word. Earlier karma seems to take time to happen. You would have to wait a lifetime for this thing. And so, the intensity of energy from the time I started healing in 2009 to now… I don’t know how to explain, you know, the way it comes down, the way it is flowing through your system, it has become so fast and earlier it used to take time, it was gradual. So even the karma, because your Karma is located in your chakras and your body, so it used to take time to open up and come out. Now it’s coming so fast. Whatever you’re sending out is coming back to you also very fast. So, if you’ve ever noticed that whatever Karma you are creating, you’re receiving the benefit or otherwise, whatever, you’re getting back in the same way.

AB: And tell me when did the Aquarian age start? You’ve been talking about it quite a lot.

AM: Yeah, it started officially on 21 December 2019.

AB: Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah.

AM: And February is going to be another month where… I’m not very good with astrology, but I just follow it to stay updated. So, there are going to be about, I think, nine planets. All nine planets are going to be in the sign of Aquarius, which is going to start off on a very mental… Aquarian energy is basically all about technology advancement, your thoughts. And one of the main things about Aquarian energy is that humanity rises. Like things which are humane will come, like people will gather, like the farmers’ protest and things that are happening, protests are happening all across the world and that’s a very Aquarian energy and they’re not like rowdy protests, they are very peaceful protests because it’s a very humanitarian sign. So, a lot of good will happen for the human race, which may not look like it is happening, because before that happens, a lot of muck needs to come out. And so that is why all this chaos and things are happening. But like every age, there’s no specific date because it can be in transition, so it can happen…Officially we are there, but the energy of the Aquarian age was there, say, even ten years before this, ever since the internet, WiFi, mobile phones, all that is Aquarian energy.

AB: It’s amazing, isn’t it? And on that note, I’m going to take you to our last question. Any advice to our followers on manifesting money and on removing blockages?

AM: So, one of the most important things I would say is that if you want money, you need to give money. If you want help, you help out a friend who needs healing. If you want wisdom, share your wisdom with others. And if you want good friends, be one. So, it’s basically like, I think whatever you want, you need to give that first. You need to generate one, generate good karma. And a lot of times when I talk about karma, karma is not fatalistic. It’s not like, oh, this is my karma, so I just have to be stuck with this. You can change your karma and that is why we are here. You can change your karma by the deeds that you do. So, if you follow your heart, if you’re doing good deeds, you will change your karma. If there is some aspect in your life that you’re struggling with, try and give what you need and it will come back to you many times more. That is something that I think is very important to know because a lot of people think that I don’t have anything to give and what can I give, and I’m not in the place or situation to give. But you always have something that you can give. I tell a lot of people who have severe physical issues that— help out if you can help out somebody in healing. So, you can even decree that the good karma from your helping that person now comes back to you in the form of good health. So, you can be very specific with karma also. It’s not that I’m just doing good and nothing good is coming back, because a lot of people believe that. And yeah, I think this is one of the main things…

AB: Isn’t that selfish? If we do something with wanting something back, isn’t that selfish?

AM: Yeah, that is what even I used to think. I used to struggle with this a lot for many years actually, because before I knew these concepts and these things, I used to do it just unknowingly and it used to just make me feel happy. But ever since I realized that, okay, you I’m giving, then this thing of returning, coming back and all, it does form a kind of struggle in your mind. But that is the thing that you have to, I think, slowly bypass because it’s very tricky. Spiritual growth is very tricky. Because I’ll give you an example, when you don’t know anything, when you don’t know any of the laws of the universe and things like that, and when you can’t see through people and you’re oblivious to everybody, you’re good to everybody. This is what happened to me. So, I’ll share my example. So, I could not see through people. I was really bad at judging people. And I was like, oh, everybody’s nice, everybody is good to me. Not realizing that people were taking advantage. But you know what? Life took care of me at that point in time. Everything I had was protected. When somebody was even trying to be nasty or put me down, something would happen that would protect me. Then came all this spiritual learning and teachings and this thing. Then your mind gets like, okay, then you know more, you understand more and then you could see through people. Then when I started seeing through people, it became very difficult. It was a very difficult phase of my life. And then you need to generate that love in your heart for everybody. That same energy, that light, that same light is flowing through me, flowing through you, flowing through every person. So, it’s okay if that person is whatever they are, whatever they are acting out of. It’s a process. And this thing of feeling selfish is also a process. It’s a process of moving from your emotional body to your mental body. So, when you move to your mental body you become less emotional because you understand that emotions are just transitory. And it’s very philosophical in its approach. It may take a long time discussing it but it’s just like a brief example that I wanted to share that this happens. You start doubting that— am I doing it out of an ulterior motive and things like that. But if you know that you can find it, you just have to know in your heart that you’ve done it from your motive and not from a selfish motive. So that is what matters. Then you have to put your brain and your emotions in their own place and sort out through them. So, it is a challenge, it’s not very easy. But that’s just the good and the bad side of knowledge.

AB: Why does the universe support the morally corrupt financially?

AM: That is, again, a very good question. And I was thinking that this is something that a lot of people ask— but financial well-being is not just well-being just because they have the financial capacity. It may not give them peace, they may not have the perfect relationship. And again, what we think is morally corrupt from our perspective, may not be it. Maybe it’s just karma working out, maybe whomever they have harmed in gaining that money, it’s just a payback that that person had to do. Because you don’t lose anything until and unless you are meant to. You don’t gain anything unless you’re meant to. Again, this is a question that comes from a place of victim consciousness, indirectly that— why are bad things happening to me and good things happening to people who are morally corrupt? And it is a very valid question because I think these are things, questions that go through everybody’s mind at some point of time or the other. So again, to think that why somebody else got away with murder, you didn’t just challenge the universe’s knowledge about what they know as compared to what you know. And nobody gets away with it. You don’t get away with it.

AB: When you talk about victim consciousness, Amrita, you’re basically talking about giving your power to someone else and feeling like they’ve controlled you, so you feel weaker. 

AM: Right. Absolutely.

AB: Can you give us a little tool to deal with that?

AM: Writing and burning. Writing and burning is very powerful because it’s an emotion. You feel dejected. When you feel like a victim, you really feel dejected. You feel that the universe is not doing justice to you and things like that. And write exactly the way you’re feeling; some people write it in a very polished manner and like okay, this happened. And I’ve noticed that when I do it and I’m writing, I’ll fill maybe just three words in one page. I’ll be like, scribbling over it and very angry. Take out your anger. Take out the feelings. Let the tears flow. Let your feelings flow on that paper. And you can even make holes in it and bang it and do whatever, scribble it… because that’s an emotion…

AB: You’re not showing it to anybody.

AM:  Yeah, you aren’t showing it to anybody. So, that’s the perfect place to take out. Everything that you’re feeling, because it will come out. And then you sacrifice it. So, you burn it. You light a fire, and you do a prayer, and you say, I sacrifice these emotions, these feelings from me. You’ll feel much better. And again, you’re clearing all that energy. It’s kind of a negative energy from your body so that you can make space for something new. Then if you do the affirmations, then if you do the meditation, it will be much more powerful because it has more space, energetically, to make the changes in your life.

AB: Okay, and Amrita, one more question. You had talked about people not knowing what their belief systems are. And belief systems stop people from manifesting money. How do people recognize their belief systems? Can you give them a tool? Or is this something that they’ll need help with?

AM: This is something for which you need to go within [yourself] and you need to meditate. You need to come from a place of calmness. Be aware of your thoughts. Be aware of the thoughts that you’re creating, that even if you feel that somebody is wrong— okay, somebody has wronged you, and you are judging that person or you’re saying something about that person. As long as you are mentally aware, okay, I’m doing that, this is how I’m feeling, these are my emotions or these are my thoughts, then if it’s really negative, I would suggest to write and burn. Otherwise, just go within and say that, okay, fine what have I done in my life to attract this in my life? That is something which nobody wants to question themselves. It’s very difficult to say that we are the creator of our life. Whatever we have done, we are creating our life. So, you cannot blame anybody else for it. If you’re blaming, again, you’re giving your power. You’re not taking charge of your life, and you’re letting others run over. So, it’s very important to ask, okay, somebody’s been rude to me. What in me has created that energy to attract this? When you go with it, and you go deeper, even if you meditate, like regularly, even for five minutes a day or ten minutes a day, you will start noticing that you are shifting your perspective. You become more conscious of your thoughts. Because initially, of course, it’s difficult. The thoughts keep bombarding your mind and things like that. But then you become aware of them. You become aware of, okay, this is what’s coming. So, then you keep filtering them out. The next time it happens, you are aware. Then you stop yourself. Then in the next stages, you stop yourself from saying it and make another tool. It is a very simple tool, but what’s powerful is that if you have a negative thought, I just visualize a blackboard or a whiteboard in front of me and I just say erase, erase, erase. And then I create what I want. So, create a positive thought. Say if I thought negatively about somebody and I don’t want that negativity to manifest, and I just say erase, erase, erase. A lot of peers and parents talk about their children. This son is like this, or this son is like this. You’re actually creating. You’re sending that energy out. You’re making that child more like that. Then you just erase and say, no, the child is very good. Everything is very good. So, it’s like playing with energy, playing with your thoughts. So, gradually you reach that point where you become aware. And once you become aware of your thoughts and you see the changes— that it is manifesting in your life, you start doing this more often.

AB: That’s lovely. Amrita. Thank you so much for this lovely talk.

AM: You’re welcome.

AB: You helped lots and lots of people. 

AM: Thank you everyone. Thank you, Anshu. Bye.

AB: Bye. Thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the Wellness Curated podcast. Please subscribe and tell your friends and family about it. And here’s to you leading your best life.