Wellness Curated is a nurturing community centred on health and wellness, a safe space where you will find the support you need, whatever you’re going through. This is a one-stop shop for information on diverse healing practices and products, both modern and time-honoured, as we believe the best results are achieved when the body, mind and spirit are all given due importance in the healing process. I bring you the advice of world-renowned medical experts as well as practitioners of complementary non-traditional treatments in a bid to empower you with all the information you need to heal from the inside out. Carefully curated by me, Anshu Bahanda, this list of tools and techniques will support your wellness journey and help you enjoy a fuller, more productive life.

Latest Episodes

Podcast 41
The Magic of Sound Bowl Healing
Dheeshana Ameresekere

Dheeshana Ameresekere is a hotelier and a Hatha Yoga teacher (RYT 200) and Yogic Lifestyle Counsellor, who has studied under the tutelage of Swami Divyanada Ma, of Integral Yoga, USA. Dheeshana’s area of special focus and expertise in holistic healing is in Sound Bowl Healing and Therapy.

Buddhist monks have long used Tibetan singing bowls in meditation practice. In addition, some wellness practitioners (including music therapists, massage therapists, and yoga therapists) use Tibetan singing bowls during treatment.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about sound healing, it benefits, and the magic it can create!

Podcast 40
Be Mindful, Be Present
Amrita Mann

I’m increasingly hearing from people that post lockdown they feel overwhelmed or anxious.

We want to provide you solutions on how to deal with it, and how to be present and mindful.

People are anxious about what will happen in the future, or have worrying memories from experiences of the past…

The way to deal with it is by staying present, in the moment!

Amrita is an incredible Healer, Spiritual Counselor & Yoga Trainer. Amrita practises many modalities such as Pranic Healing, Merkaba – Sacred Geometry, Ancestral healing, Goddess, Womb & Angelic healing, Meditation, Yoga. She’s highly connected to her higher self and the Ascended Masters. She uses a combination of all the above in therapy or healing sessions.

Podcast 39
How your Consciousness Affects your Career
Leena Thadani

Many people often wonder how the correlation between one’s career and general wellness functions. Did you know that your business has its own consciousness?

In this podcast we talked about how you can grow your career with the help of honed consciousness.

Leena Thadani is a Business Genie. She has a unique ability to connect to the consciousness of your body and your business and hear it whisper a roadmap with clear directions to move your business forward. She has worked with business owners across multiple industries with clients in the U.S, U.K, Australia, India, Gulf, Asia & Africa.

Listen to this podcast to gain clarity, focus and an energetic shift to transform and take your business to new heights of success.

Podcast 38
Long Covid and Auto Immune disorders
Anil Sharma

Dr. Sharma does yogic neuro therapy which is directing the flow of blood to different parts of the body and encouraging the body to heal itself. 

Dr. Sharma has worked with auto-immune disorders for decades now. He has helped thousands of people with chronic illnesses like eczema, asthma, psoriasis, type one diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and he has been recently helping a number of people with long covid as well.

Listen to this podcast and share it with family and friends to prevent Long Covid.

Podcast 37
Dealing with Anxiety and Sleep Issues
Shomit Mitter

Shomit Mitter is one of London’s leading therapists. He is exceptional at uncovering the deep-seated causes behind people’s ailments which is what makes him so sought after!

I went to Shomit about 10 years ago and then again recently. What strikes me as special about Shomit is that he doesn’t want you to keep coming back to him – he wants to empower you with tools and techniques that can help you long after you’ve done with your session with him – something which resonated deeply with the way I like to work – in fact, Wellness Curated was set up to empower people.

The tools and techniques he uses are also very special. In this podcast, he talks about the topic that’s been on everyone’s minds – Dealing with Anxiety and Sleep Issues.

Podcast 36
Cholesterol – Techniques to Control It
Dr. Anil Sharma

So I realised with complete shock recently that a lot of people around me are suffering with cholesterol issues. I’m lucky enough to have met Dr. Anil Sharma years ago and he has helped sort out any cholesterol issues that my close friends or family have told me about. 

In this Podcast, he tells you about how to deal with your cholesterol issues. I like to ensure that in each Podcast, people go away with tools and techniques that will help them deal with the issues we are tackling.

Here’s to no more cholesterol issues for you or your loved ones!

Podcast 35
Prevent Stress
Khun Jah

Stress manifests physically and mentally. Most diseases – physical and mental – are caused by stress.

The wonderful Khun Jah teaches how to prevent stress from manifesting into physical issues or mental ailments. 

Khun Jah is a certified emotion code practitioner who believes that the subconscious mind is like “automatic” Bio-Software that not only keeps us alive (like Heartbeat, breathing, digestion, etc) but also stores the memories and emotions of ALL our past experiences (good and bad). However, if we have too many bad experiences, our Bio-Software will be infected with a “virus” of bad memories and emotions, resulting in frequent unhappiness with life and feeling like a victim. This will manifest physically and mentally.

Let’s learn techniques and tools that prevent us from letting stress affect us!

Podcast 34
How Fitness Affects Wellness
Alex Adams

What Exercise is Best for You?

Alex is a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. He’s also director of education at Performance Pro where he trains other personal trainers and coaches. He’s known for using scientific techniques to develop strength and conditioning; he is qualified in nutrition as well.

The more people you talk to about the type of exercise that’s best for you, the more conflicting opinions you will get – especially when it comes to high and low-intensity exercise. Something that a lot of us struggle with, is finding the right kind of exercise, that marries our ambition with our initial capability and lifestyle.

Listen to this podcast for your fitness-related questions.

Podcast 33
Astrology and Tarot
Shobana Cooke

Did you know that over the years – a lot of people take no major decisions in their life without consulting their astrologers?

There is also a reason why some very successful people only sign contracts or start new businesses on certain days and further on certain times during the day!

Shobana Cooke is based in Sri Lanka, besides being an astrologer and Tarot card reader, she’s also a homeopath and yoga teacher. She combines all the various modalities she used to help people. Shobana is encouraging all of you to get a pack of cards and try and play around with them. She’s given us a very simple way of starting. Loved what she said about realigning and tuning ourselves to a collective consciousness!

Podcast 32
Loss and Grief (Part 2)
Ramesh Pattni

Dr. Pattni is a theologian and psychologist, holds three master’s degrees and has a doctorate in Yoga Psychology from the University of Oxford and also tutors at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. He is also a Trustee and the Vice President of the Chinmaya Mission UK, a worldwide spiritual organisation where he teaches spirituality. He is the Vice President (South) of the Hindu Forum Britain and has been actively involved in representing the Hindu perspective at the national level for understanding and action. He works as a counselor and psychotherapist assisting people to regain mental wellbeing and resilience. He was recently awarded an OBE for services to interfaith and the Hindu community in the UK, by Her Majesty the Queen in the New Year’s Honours list.  

We all go through loss and grief in our lives. There could be the loss of a relationship, a job or even the loss of a loved one – we are bound to encounter some sort of loss and grief. We spend years preparing for a career – how much time have you spent preparing for loss and grief?

In Part 1 we talk about understanding and preparing for it. In Part 2, we give you tools and techniques that will help you.