Wellness Curated is a nurturing community centred on health and wellness, a safe space where you will find the support you need, whatever you’re going through. This is a one-stop shop for information on diverse healing practices and products, both modern and time-honoured, as we believe the best results are achieved when the body, mind and spirit are all given due importance in the healing process. I bring you the advice of world-renowned medical experts as well as practitioners of complementary non-traditional treatments in a bid to empower you with all the information you need to heal from the inside out. Carefully curated by me, Anshu Bahanda, this list of tools and techniques will support your wellness journey and help you enjoy a fuller, more productive life.

Latest Episodes

Podcast 51
Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fearful
Jaidip khurana

With the pandemic and the resulting disruption, now more than ever we are required to be resilient, connected and empathetic.

It is not unusual to feel Anxious, Fearful, Overwhelmed or Uncertain. It is how we manage our responses that matter.

Anxiety is a physiological response to a threat and a symptom of inflammation. Threat (including our thoughts and emotions) fires up our immune system and cytokines. Neuroscience has shown us that our thoughts and emotions are processed by our brain in the same way as a physical threat. By reducing or resolving stress and anxiety you lower levels of inflammation, thereby allowing your immune system to function better. 

Jaidip is a leadership coach working independently and with the Asian Leadership Institute, Chiang Mai. Jaidip combines his in-depth understanding of the corporate world with a holistic approach to leadership transformation. Over the last ten years he has coached senior executives, entrepreneurs and teams across India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, UK and the US.

He has extensive corporate experience and understands the skills needed to work and excel in stressful, uncertain and ever changing environments across diverse cultures, having spent 20 years successfully in investment banking in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

He has an MBA from Insead, France, graduating with distinction and he completed his BCom (Hons) from SRCC, Delhi University. Jaidip is a dedicated student of Vedanta practicing living a holistic and whole hearted life.

Podcast 50
Dealing with limiting beliefs
Bushra Khan

Over the last two decades, Bushra’s path led her to study and work with some of the world’s most prominent and leading teachers such as Marisa Peer, Bob Proctor, Blue Marsden, Vishen Lakhiani, and Eckhart Tolle.

Having grown stronger from the obstacles and challenges life has given her, she has developed the qualities and skills to help her clients to create a mindset to take back control, conquer their thoughts, actions and belief systems and support them in designing their life in their ideal way.

She is practicing as a holistic psychotherapist helping others through their own challenges.

She is results-driven and focused on creating impact in as few sessions as possible. Her mission is to create awareness in each and every one by removing “blockages” that obstruct the flow of energy, giving the tools to operate on a higher vibration, and receiving what each and every one truly desires.

Podcast 49
Benefits of CBD – fact or fad
Deepak Anand

The world has been fascinated with Cannabis and CBD in the last 7-8 years.

Mr. Anand has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the global cannabis industry. He is a public speaker and is regularly engaged with Canadian and International media on all subjects related to the Cannabis industry. Mr. Anand holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and Management from Vancouver Island University. He is a recognized thought leader and brings 15 years of leadership experience in the health, charitable/non-profit, and private sectors in Canada.

Within the global cannabis sector, Mr. Anand has worked with senior government officials, politicians, policy makers, health professional organizations, clinical practitioners, educators, investor, patients as well as producers. He has also served on the boards of various pharmaceutical associations across Canada, the United States and Europe. 

Currently, Mr. Anand serves on a variety of boards within the international cannabis space which include not for profit, advocacy and patient driven organizations.

Podcast 48
Your relationship health – sex and intimacy
Dr. Anvita Madan-Bahel

Dr. Anvita Madan-Bahel holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. She specializes in multicultural psychology and her interests include cross-cultural psychology, diversity issues, working with minority groups and sexuality and sexual health. Majority of her work is around reducing sexual violence & gender disparity; psychosexual and relational therapy, BAME mental health and diversity training.

She is most passionate about designing culturally based programs that address minority-based issues. She designed one such program for her dissertation, using Bollywood films clips to discuss comprehensive sexuality education with South Asian girls in New York. The dissertation was published as a book: Sexual Health and Bollywood Films: A Culturally Based Program for South Asian Teenage Girls. NY: Cambria Press. Based on her dissertation, she also co-founded Seeds of Awareness, an organization that imparts CSE programs in India. She provides therapy to survivors of violence (both gender-based violence as well as trauma due to displacement and conflict). She has extensive experience in diversity and cross-cultural training. She specializes in issues related to sex, sexuality, sexual health and provides psychosexual and couples therapy.

Podcast 47
Pathways to Mental Wellbeing and Resilience
Dr. Ramesh Pattani OBE

Dr Ramesh Pattni OBE is a theologian and psychologist, he holds three master’s degrees in psychology, psychology of religion, and study of religion. He has also obtained a doctorate from the University of Oxford, Faculty of Theology and Religion, based on his research into Patanjali’s text on Classical Yoga – the Yogasūtra and Western Positive Psychology.

He has deep interest in presenting the psychological concepts, tools and techniques of the ancient traditions in today’s world for mental well-being.

He works as a counsellor and psychotherapist assisting people to regain mental wellbeing and resilience. He has extensively lectured and conducted workshops and retreats on diverse subjects over the past two decades.

He was recently awarded an OBE for services to interfaith and the Hindu community in the UK, by Her Majesty the Queen in the New Year’s Honours list.

Podcast 46
Nutrition for Immunity
Anthony Haynes

Antony Haynes has been in private practice for over 29 years and is one of the most experienced Registered Nutritional Therapists in the UK. He is one of the first practitioners to implement the principles of Functional Medicine in the UK, since 1992.

Antony has seen over 18,000 clients and has also been teaching nutrition students for 28 years. Over the past decade, Antony has focused much of his clinical & research time to addressing immune issues.

Antony is also a successful, award-winning author of two books on nutrition, The Insulin Factor (published in the UK 2004 and in the USA) and The Food Intolerance Bible (published in the UK 2005 and in Taiwan & Romania), and has appeared on television and radio.

In March 2011 Antony was awarded the prestigious CAM Magazine Award for “Outstanding Practice” for his many years of educating, inspiring, motivating and helping practitioners and patients.

Podcast 45
Discover what your pets are thinking and feeling
Karishma Dhadda

Karishma is a telepathic animal communicator from Mumbai, India who has 2 way conversations with animals to help their humans understand them better. In her 3 years of being a medium, she has spoken to various animals including dogs, cats, horses, cows and more. She has trained under several respected communicators all over the world. She also has a social media page called Dogs of Bombay where she posts inspiring true stories, adoption appeals, animal welfare news and more.

Karishma is passionate about animals – she can be booked to communicate with your pet.

Podcast 44
Holistic Health and Long Covid
Shobana Cooke

Shobana is a Homeopath, Yoga Teacher, Pranic Healer, Vedic Astrologer and Tarot card reader.

She has successfully worked with a number of COVID and long COVID cases.

As a Homeopath and Yoga practitioner she has been trained to treat the person/ the individual and not the dis-ease. She works to harmonize an individual’s deviated energy flow in order to balance their Mind, Body & Spirit. Her greatest challenge is when there are other chemicals, toxins and lifestyle choices that are repeatedly used that undermine the natural immune system, jeopardize the immune function and therefore hinder her ability to harmonize and stabilize the individual due to their own choices.

She believes that the real healer is within us all. Doctors, Healers and Practitioners are merely guides and partners. Healing is ultimately an inside job.

Podcast 43
Manifestation Meditation for Lions Gate Portal
Amrita Mann

This is a beautiful meditation with Amrita Mann to access the energies that come down with the lions gate portal.

The lions gate portal is a time when Sirius and the Sun are in alignment; And this opens a connection between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Amrita is an incredible Healer, Spiritual Counselor & Yoga Trainer. Amrita practices many modalities such as Pranic Healing, Merkaba – Sacred Geometry, Ancestral healing, Goddess, Womb & Angelic healing, Meditation, Yoga. She’s highly connected to her higher self and the Ascended Masters. She uses a combination of all the above in therapy or healing sessions.

Manifest the purpose of your life for the present and see the magic unfold.

Podcast 42
Brain Optimisation – Enhance your Cognitive Ability and Truly Excel
Natalia Ramsden

Natalia Ramsden has launched the UK’s first brain clinic that works with clients to increase their intelligence.

Some examples of client results include increased mental stamina, elevated levels of concentration, greater mental clarity (evident in decision making), improved sleep, overall wellbeing, reduced anxiety and greater resilience.

In this podcast she explains how we can all improve our intelligence.